Mother’s Day Ideas To Make Mom’s Life Easier

Make mom’s life easier with these Mother’s Day ideas.

Don’t get us wrong, gifts are an awesome way to show mom you love her. But she will also appreciate you putting in the time to make her day, weekend, or week a little easier! These Mother’s Day ideas are the perfect way to get

Best Mother’s Day Ideas

Make her life easier, at least for a few minutes…

Do all the laundry

Wake up early and get a load of laundry in the wash before she even has a chance to see (or smell) the pile of dirty clothes. Leave HEX in the laundry room and let her know it’ll help make laundry day suck less.

Clean the house while she’s sleeping

Waking up to a clean house? That’s a dream. Moms are incredibly observant, so even if all you do is pick up stuff off the floor, she will notice and appreciate it.

Take care of the planning

Do make sure you’re doing something she loves. But don’t make her decide all the details.

Make a dinner menu for the week

If you can cook, that’s great. But even just planning out meals for the week can take her worries off of making sure everyone’s happy.

Do the dishes

Duh. And if you treat mom to a homemade meal on Mother’s Day, you should also do the dishes after dinner. Even if she tries to help.

Get her a gift!

Shop these mom approved products that actually make her life easier. At HEX, our goal is to make laundry day easier. By getting clothes clean the first time around, we save her time and let her spend more time outside of the laundry room.

Nicole Perry (Pumps & Iron) washes her favorite leggings with HEX

Celebrate mom with HEX

We think it's time for a detergent that works as hard as moms do. Gentle, yet powerful.

Cool Mom Picks reported that HEX really works on sweaty smells. Everyone's tired of regular detergents falling short and excited about a new product that delivers. Get HEX for Mother's Day and see for yourself.

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