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MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, and Competitor Running are talking about HEX

My fitness pal eco-friendly fitness products

11 Products Perfect for the Eco-Friendly Athlete

Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal is a fantastic tool and resource for any athlete. Fitness and health writer, Amy Schlinger, knows that HEX is the absolute best detergent you can use to wash Under Armour and other workout gear.

“tough enough to clean up your sweatiest clothing without using any fragrance, harmful dyes or fillers.”
best-detergent to wash under armour workout clothes

HEX Performance at the Under Armour 2018 Hometown Sample Sale, showing how to keep new UA gear smelling good.

HEX in the press Spark People

6 Shockingly Simple Ways to Make Your Gear Last Longer

Feel like you’re replacing fitness gear too soon? Permanent stink, stretching, and fading all make your clothes feel old. Here’s how to make them last.

Not all detergents are created equal.
Competitor Running features hex performance

7 Eco-Friendly Products for the All-Natural Runner

Competitor Running has been a fan of HEX for a while now – since our sports detergent made their list of Competitor Running Editors’ Faves. This time, fitness expert and writer Kimberly Dawn Neumann included HEX in her top choices for eco-friendly products for runners. Yes, laundry detergent can be a gift idea!

This one is worth the investment!
HEX Press - How to clean sneakers with HEX

How to Keep Your White Sneakers Looking Boxfresh

There’s nothing like a pair of sneakers fresh out of the box. Do you feel like your bright white sneakers always look dingy within the first few weeks? Writer Sharon Feiereisen knew there should be a better way to keep kicks fresh, so she sought advice from HEX Founder Drew Westervelt and other experts.

doesn’t just remove stains, it helps protect fabrics, even synthetic ones.

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HEX in the Press

We're giving them something to talk about. And it's laundry detergent. Find out what makes HEX so newsworthy– from sources like Runner's World, Men's Health, Real Simple, and more.