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HEX founder, Drew Westervelt, was playing professional sports when he noticed that his apparel and tech gear would still stink, even after they had been washed. He discovered that odor meant bacteria was alive and well in his laundry.

After researching traditional laundry detergents, he couldn’t find a solution (traditional laundry detergents haven’t evolved in 50 years, and most simply mask odors rather than eliminate the bacteria that cause recurring smells). Furthermore, bacteria plus the scratches and scrapes of sports could mean infection – even illness.

Drew searched for a solution and partnered with scientists in the cleaning industry. And that’s where HEX Performance was born.

Instead of relying on old methods to clean new fabrics, HEX started from scratch to develop the best clean inspired by today’s active wear. The result is an evolved science that works on all fabrics, delivers a better cleaning experience, proactively protects fabrics against future stink and stains, and offers a host of extra benefits. It could be the biggest breakthrough in laundry cleaning in decades.