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Oxygen Mag’s Editor In Chief Is Obsessed With HEX Detergent

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Lara’s List: Things I’m Obsessed With

Did you know someone could be obsessed with a detergent? If you haven’t been a little obsessed, then you haven’t tried HEX. As Editor-in-Chief of a prominent women’s fitness magazine, supermom, and “general fitness kook,” Lara McGlashlan has all the reason to be obsessed. Spot HEX in Oxygen Mag’s Sept/Oct issue on page 10.

Oxygen Magazine's Lara McGlashan
I pretty much live in workout wear.
HEX effectively eliminates the stank and leaves behind an eco-friendly molecule to prevent future funk from setting up house.
– Lara McGlashan, Oxygen Magazine

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Why choose HEX detergent for workout wear?

smelly polyester shirt

Your current laundry detergent can’t clean your leggings and workout tanks.

Traditional detergents weren’t built for the synthetic fabrics in today’s workout clothes. And now, over 60% of average laundry loads are synthetic or blended fabrics. But since nobody cleans synthetics, your sweaty gear is left stinking.

trainerkelli-hex-performance detergent and anti-stink spray

HEX is a completely new formula.

HEX actually cleans differently from regular detergents. It was created by a former pro athlete, and designed to clean synthetics! And it seriously destroys bacterial stink.

That means your workout wear stays stink-free, performing longer. We guarantee it.

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