How To Wash Your New Performance Dress Shirt

You can finally wash dress shirts at home, so make sure you do it right! Here’s how to wash a performance dress shirt

A dress shirt that wicks sweat and stretches like your workout clothes? Sounds like a dream! Performance fabric menswear is changing the feel of men’s work clothes while maintaining the professional look. Make these great clothes last by washing them properly, with the right detergent.

Performance dress shirts are different

Fabric has changed

Tied in with the athleisure movement, people are realizing that comfort is awesome. At work, at the gym, or at home, we want to be comfy in our clothes. Modern means comfort, and modern usually means synthetic. In fact, 60% of what you’re washing today is synthetic fabric. That’s much different than what people were wearing 50 years ago!

how to wash a performance dress shirt

This outfit is more comfortable than it looks

What are the best performance dress shirt brands?

mizzen + main logoMizzen + Main: This startup is creating the work shirt of your dreams. Built for athletic builds, its easy to see why modern professional men are drawn to these quick drying, four-way stretch, sweat-wicking dress shirts.

ministry logoMinistry: Founded in 2012, this brand is on the scene with mens’ and womens’ work essentials. Their innovative clothing performs so well, Esquire says you could run a marathon in their suits.

under armour logoUnder Armour: You already know and love Under Armour, but have you noticed how clean and fresh their polos look? Upgrade your casual Friday look, or wear these every day if your job allows.

Best laundry detergent for modern dress shirts

Shouldn’t your detergent change too?

If you’ve worn your performance dress shirt several times on long hot Summer days, you might start to notice a smell. What’s up with that smell? Blame your detergent.
HEX Laundry Detergent - Fresh 35oz and Free + Clear 24ct
HEX is detergent evolved. This new laundry detergent was designed specifically to clean modern synthetic fabrics. And guess what? It actually works better than your trusty old blue laundry detergent in the heavy jug. Why is their detergent blue, anyway? HEX gives better wicking, quicker drying, better color retention, built-in antistatic, and even biofilm and microbial soiling/odor control. Therefore, it’s clearly the best option for your dress shirts.

How to wash performance dress shirts

It wicks sweat. So you are going to sweat in it, right? Take care of your new performance dress shirt so that it lasts longer.

cold water and HEX to wash a performance dress shirt

Machine wash instructions:

Always follow the brand's care instructions for specifics. (For example, Mizzen + Main suggests air drying their shirts, while Ministry says to tumble dry theirs on low.)

  1. Use HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent
  2. Machine wash in cold water on a delicate or regular cycle.
  3. Air dry or tumble dry low. Don't worry, these shirts are quick-drying too.

Dress shirt collar stains

Your crisp white shirt is perfect everywhere but the collar and pits. It’s a problem we’ve all faced. Fortunately, HEX performs exceptionally well on these stains. For set in stains, rub a small amount of HEX detergent onto the stained area before washing. Let it sit 5-10 minutes, and then machine wash as normal with HEX.

Where to get HEX


HEX is available on Amazon and at select Target stores, Hannaford, Ingles, Market 32, Price Chopper, Harris Teeter, Wegmans, Shaws & Star Market, and Giant Eagle. Check our store locator to see if we’re in your favorite shop!

Get HEX in store HEX on Amazon


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