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Best Gifts For Your Personal Trainer


Great Gifts For Your Personal Trainer

They’re always pushing you to be better, and they work hard to keep your workouts fun and challenging. A real thank you is in order!

Your fitness instructor may very well be the most active person in your life. Trainers often start their days crazy early, packing in hours of sweat and gym time every day. While normal fitness gifts like workout shirts and water bottles are always useful, these new ideas will make memorable gifts for your personal trainer or fitness instructor.

Music Giftcard

Spotify / Apple Music / Google Music gift card | choose your price

We asked DMV-area cycling instructor and fitness blogger Alexis Reed what’s on her list this year. Her tip? “Instructors spend a lot of time (and sometimes a lot of money) working on engaging, high-energy playlists for their students. This is a great way to show them you appreciate their efforts, while also hooking them up with something practical!”

Meat Protein Bars

Epic Bars – 12 pack | $25

Bars are a no-brainer snack for anybody, but trainers get tired of the same flavors. These protein bars sound a lot different from what you’re used to, with flavors like Bacon Maple, Beef Habanero, and Venison & Sea Salt. An easy gift for your personal trainer, these Meat Bars come conveniently packaged for “filling a life with epic adventure and epic health without compromising on amazing taste.”

Personalized Gear

Personalized Water Bottle | $10 – $20

Does your trainer have that *one* phrase that all of their clients know? Or are they always losing their water bottles at the gym? Alexis of noted that, “Something with one of their catch phrases or their name would be nice!”

Travel Yoga Towel

Manduka Yoga Towel | prices vary

Flexible, washable, and packable, a yoga towel is an essential for any fitness fiend. Manduka’s version features silicone dots on the bottom for non-slip grip on any surface. It’s machine washable, so pair it with HEX Detergent!

Fitness Ornament

Handmade Barbell Ornament | $12

A handmade barbell ornament is a fun and simple gift for any weightlifter or gym rat. Add a bonus Christmas workout: 12 reps of placing ornaments on the tree.

Portable Shower

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower | $99.95

Training outdoors has a ton of perks, like great scenery. But after a long trail run, you really miss your gym’s shower room. For those workouts when you don’t have time or just can’t wait to get home and rinse the mud off, having this in your car will keep you and your car fresh.

Gear Deodorizer

HEX Performance Anti-Stink Spray | $9.99

Wanna give your trainer a gift that will change their life for under $10? This cleaner works on everything they use – gym bags, exercise equipment, shoes, and that new travel yoga mat.

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