Get The Most Out Of HEX Performance Gear Wash

Learn how to use HEX Gear Wash to get athletic gear, shoes, and more clean and stink-free!

You’ve tried everything to get athletic gear clean. We’re talking extreme measures to tackle dirt, grime, and the inescapable stink. But nothing has worked. Until Now. Clean gear is possible with HEX Gear Wash! But we don’t stop at clean gear. Here are some tips + tricks on how to get the most out of HEX Gear Wash and live clean with HEX!

how to clean sports gear with HEX gear wash

Watch: How to use HEX Gear Wash

For instructions on how to machine wash gear, follow the steps on our How To Use page.

What to wash with HEX Gear Wash

While HEX was inspired by activewear and the sweat that makes athletic gear stinky, our products can be used on all sorts of items! The applications for HEX Gear Wash are almost endless! Here are just a few of the things you can clean + protect with it:

HEX Gear Wash uses

  • All kinds of footwear. Running shoes, cleats, snow boots, and even those sandals you wear in the river.
  • Padded athletic gear from all kinds of sports: Football, lacrosse, hockey, etc
  • Other sports gear you didn’t think of washing: volleyball knee pads, rugby boots, roller derby pads, triathlete gear
  • The duffle bag carrying all that stinky sports gear!
  • Backpacks (who knows what’s on those school floors. Backpacks can use a good cleaning once a year to help make sure you don’t need to replace them every back to school season)
  • Gym bags (don’t put clean clothes in a dirty gym bag!)
  • Snowboarding/skiing pants and gear that need a little extra cleaning power
  • Durable outdoor seat cushion covers that sat outside a little too long
  • and more! Send us a message if you have something you don’t know how to clean. We love finding new uses for HEX Gear Wash!

Tips for using HEX Gear Wash

Worried about what a washing machine will do to your favorite gear? Pro lacrosse player and HEX co-founder Drew Westervelt did a stress test on his gear to test the machine. He washed it every day for a year (WAY more often than you need to)… and found no damage!

lacrosse gear washing machine

Think about it – if your gear is strong enough to protect you, it should be strong enough to survive a trip through the wash cycle.

Pro Tips for using HEX Gear Wash:

  • Don’t be afraid of the washing machine
  • Wash off excess soil prior to using Clean+ Gear Renew.
  • Testing for color-fastness prior to first use is recommended.
  • Really tough smells may take a couple washings to get out. When all else fails, soaking the item in a solution of Step 1 has always worked for us.
  • Be careful with the dryer. The high heat can cause hard plastics to warp. The low heat setting works, but we recommend air drying to be safe.

Hand washing gear with HEX Gear wash

Got gear that can't go in the washing machine?

De-stink non-machine washable gear by hand washing with HEX Gear Wash! Follow the hand washing instructions on our How To Use page.

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