HEX Single Dose  Laundry Detergent Packs (Fresh & Clean Scent) (24 Load)

HEX Single Dose Laundry Detergent Packs (Fresh & Clean Scent) (24 Load)

Friends Don't Let Friends Abuse Their Activewear. 

The HEX Molecule is the real deal. We’re talking deep-cleaning tech so advanced that it can penetrate even the tightest-knit performance fabrics. It eliminates odor-causing bacteria. It protects fabrics from losing that new-clothes feeling. It keeps clothes feeling as fresh as the first time. Easy-to-use and highly concentrated, these power- packed...well, packs....are designed to clean and protect activewear. Cleaning your clothes has never been easier.

        Why You'll Love it:

        • Awesome for all fabrics (not just activewear)
        • Eliminates odors with technology, not perfumes
        • Protects fabrics from losing that new-clothes feeling
        • Removes the gunk and funk other detergents leave behind
        • Light, fresh fragrance that has “clean” written all over it
        • Works in all machines (including HE) and at all water temperatures
        • Readily biodegradable and eco-friendly
        • Gentle on skin with no heavy fragrances or irritants
        • No goopy chemical thickeners, dyes, fillers, harsh perfumes or optical brighteners

        How to Use

        • Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah! Just Tear along dotted line. Align zipper to notch. Press down firmly. Zip to open. Zip to close
        • Handle with dry hands. Toss pack(s) directly in washer drum—Add Clothes. Do not put in dispensing tray. Reseal pouch between uses
        • Add one single pack to machine for medium load, add two single packs to machine for large load


        a biodegradable blend of: surfactants, stabilizers, water, fragrance, enzymes and preservatives