Rinse Fabric Booster (Fresh & Clean Scent)

Rinse Fabric Booster (Fresh & Clean Scent)

NOTE: Not a standalone detergent. Always use with HEX Laundry Detergent

Facts, not Fluff. 

The fist of its kind, HEX Performance® In-Wash Fabric Booster is the only laundry additive proven safe for activewear (and awesome for all other fabrics), from workout wear and casual clothes to towels and sheets. Unlike traditional fabric softeners that contain wax (which can actually damage and wear out your favorite work out clothes), our boosters are designed to clean and protect your activewear and will leave your Lulus feeling fluffy and soft. 

Wanna know something cool? HEX products are designed to build on each other. So the more you use, the cleaner & more protected your activewear gets. Nice.

Why You'll Love it:

  • Designed for activewear, awesome for all fabrics
  • The only fabric softener safe to use on activewear
  • Naturally softening
  • No dyes, no fillers, no perfumes and no optical brighteners
  • Helps prevent static-cling
  • Works for all machines and all temps

How to Use

  • Use only with HEX laundry detergent
  • Add In-Wash Fabric Booster to machine’s fabric softener receptacle
  • Fill cap to line 1 for medium load, fill cap to line 1 twice for large load


A biodegradable blend of: water, surfactants, fragrance and preservatives