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5 out of 5
Never going back to regular detergent
5 out of 5
I’m never going back to regular detergent. This stuff truely cleans your clothes, leaving no residue. We are a scent-free family, we use unscented detergent & wool dryer balls. I buy my clothes from the thrift stores and a lot of them have lingering detergent smells that will last through a few washes. You wouldn’t notice how strong these smells are unless you limit your exposure, like our family does. Wash your clothes and towels in this detergent, and after the 2nd or 3rd wash you will notice the difference. Residue you might not have even know that was there – GONE. Our towels were getting so weighed down, I tried the baking soda, vinegar, all the tricks to refresh my towels, and this detergent was the only one that has worked long term. I was starting to think I would have to throw my towels and rags away until i bought this. All of our rags (we use old clothes for cleaning up spills/drying dishes/dusting/cleaning) were getting greasy and unabsorbent, with a nasty odor. I started using this and my rags are back to new condition. Here is the CON: the bottle is pricey for the # of loads you get. I follow the directions for filling the soap cup and I could go through 2 of these packages a month. We are a family of 4 with 2 sets of work clothes, plus regular clothes, sheets, rags, etc, and I’ll be lucky if one of these lasts a month. But im still not going back.
Great quat-based hygiene rinse
4 out of 5
I’m quite surprised that some people aren’t having good results with this product. The HEX “booster” is a quat-based hygiene rinse, similar to products which have been used for a while in Europe (Persil Hygiene Rinse, Impresan, Sagrotan etc.). The reason they have become popular is the increase in cold-water washing – since water temperature is often not high enough to kill bacteria, additional chemical substances are used. And unlike bleach, quats do not harm or discolor fabrics. I’m giving the product 4 stars for the following reason: even though I purchased the Free & Clear version, there is still a faint smell of the “Fresh Scent”. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing blip, but I tend to think that F&C labeled products should have zero fragrance. There is not enough scent for it to be noticeable after drying, but still something to take into consideration if you have fragrance sensitivities. Another thing that I didn’t quite realize is that the package contains 20 loads, while the corresponding laundry detergent is packaged in a 35 load bag. This is just personal preference, but I do wish that they were the same size since they are meant to be used together and it’s a pain to have to reorder the booster twice as often as the detergent. Overall I’m very happy to have a product like this readily available in the US, and really happy with the HEX brand in general – I think they are awesome. I use the booster with different loads, not just those washed with HEX detergent, and I like that it can be used on delicate fabrics such as wool that you can’t use the enzyme-containing HEX detergent on.