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When you have sensitive skin, nothing feels better than a soft, static-free fabric. But traditional fabric softeners damage clothes. That’s why we created HEX Fabric Booster. It’s the first laundry additive safe for synthetics! It also removes residues left from other products, leaving your clothes feeling good as new and lasting long.

NOTE: this is not a standalone detergent! Always use with HEX detergent.

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What you get:

  • (1) In-Rinse Fabric Booster – Free + Clear
    • NOTE: this is not a standalone detergent! Pair this with HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent or HEX Advanced Single Dose Detergent.
    • 20 normal loads of laundry with increased benefits
    • 20 fl oz / 591mL

Product details:

  • An additive for all fabrics. Always use with HEX detergent.
  • Fragrance free
  • No dyes, no fillers, no perfumes, and no optical brighteners
  • Dermatologist tested and found to be nonallergenic
  • Helps prevent static-cling
  • Adds natural softening
  • Concentrated formula works in all machines, including
  • Works in hot or cold water
  • New formula is safe for clothing that advises against fabric softener
  • Built for all laundry - wash everything with HEX detergent + boosters!

What to wash:

  • Your smelliest laundry
  • Works on all fabrics
  • Pre-treat stains with this
  • Great for hand-washing
  • Safe for baby clothes
  • Great for pet odor
  • Everything else


  • a biodegradable blend of: water, surfactants, and preservatives

How to Use:

  • Use in place of fabric softeners and dryer sheets
  • Add to the machine’s fabric softener receptacle
  • For more info (and a how-to video) visit our directions page
pair it with
Advanced Laundry
pair it with
Advanced Single Dose


Can I use HEX In-Rinse Booster as a standalone detergent?

No, HEX In-Rinse Boosters are designed to be the first fabric-safe performance additives. It’s the perfect compliment to HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent.

Can I use HEX In-Rinse Booster with my traditional detergent?

No. The formulas of the two products are not complimentary. HEX In-Rinse Boosters were designed with an entirely different cleaning chemistry than traditional detergents, and the two would counteract each other. We recommend using Advanced Laundry Detergent and In-Rinse Fabric Booster together.

How do I use this?

Add a dose of HEX In-Rinse Fabric Booster to your machine’s fabric softener receptacle. Visit our directions page for details on how to open and use the fabric booster.

The tag on my clothing says, “do not use fabric softener.” Can I use this?

Yes! Traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat fabric with a wax that ruins the technical features (like sweat-wicking, breathability, etc). HEX Fabric Booster is the first laundry additive safe for synthetic and performance fabrics.

How is this different from other fabric softeners?

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets were created several decades ago, and they haven’t changed much. To get that soft feeling, they leave a wax-like film on the fibers. This wax clogs the fabric, messing with its features.

HEX In-Rinse Boosters were designed with an entirely different chemistry. They’re specially designed to be safe for synthetic and organic fibers. They naturally soften, they're antistatic, and they also add more protection from future odors (when used with a HEX Detergent)

Is HEX hypoallergenic?

HEX Free + Clear products are free of dyes, fillers, and perfumes which can cause irritation. They are also dermatologist tested and found to be nonallergenic.

Is HEX tested on animals?

No, HEX never has, and never will test on animals. However, it is animal approved! If you've got beds and blankets with pet odor and stains, HEX can save them!

Is HEX color safe?

Yes! In fact, the active ingredient in HEX should actually provide better color retention than regular additives. Of course we always recommend following the manufacturer’s care instructions. In some cases with lower quality fabrics, you might want to test for color fastness before using HEX.

Is HEX safe to use in a high efficiency (HE) machine?

Yes. HEX is safe to use in all machines, including high efficiency washing machines.

What ingredients are in HEX In-Rinse Fabric Booster?

HEX In-Rinse Fabric Booster (Free + Clear) is made up of a biodegradable blend of: water, surfactants, and preservatives.

5 reviews for In-Rinse Fabric Booster
Free + Clear

  1. 5 out of 5

    Great products, I’m hooked (verified owner)

    Having switched to Hex detergent 6 months ago I was looking for a booster since we live in the pacific West and our water is very hard. I did not want to use the brand name booster for fear of damaging the wicking properties of my running and workout clothes. I have been extremely pleased with Hex detergent I decided to give this booster a chance. Boy was that a good move. The booster has the same qualities as the detergent, eco friendly, effective and help clean without leaving an odor or residue.

    Great products, I’m hooked

  2. 5 out of 5

    Five stars

    Finally getting the smell out of workout attire.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Great quat-based hygiene rinse

    I’m quite surprised that some people aren’t having good results with this product. The HEX “booster” is a quat-based hygiene rinse, similar to products which have been used for a while in Europe (Persil Hygiene Rinse, Impresan, Sagrotan etc.). The reason they have become popular is the increase in cold-water washing – since water temperature is often not high enough to kill bacteria, additional chemical substances are used. And unlike bleach, quats do not harm or discolor fabrics.

    I’m giving the product 4 stars for the following reason: even though I purchased the Free & Clear version, there is still a faint smell of the “Fresh Scent”. I’m not sure if this is a manufacturing blip, but I tend to think that F&C labeled products should have zero fragrance. There is not enough scent for it to be noticeable after drying, but still something to take into consideration if you have fragrance sensitivities.

    Another thing that I didn’t quite realize is that the package contains 20 loads, while the corresponding laundry detergent is packaged in a 35 load bag. This is just personal preference, but I do wish that they were the same size since they are meant to be used together and it’s a pain to have to reorder the booster twice as often as the detergent.

    Overall I’m very happy to have a product like this readily available in the US, and really happy with the HEX brand in general – I think they are awesome. I use the booster with different loads, not just those washed with HEX detergent, and I like that it can be used on delicate fabrics such as wool that you can’t use the enzyme-containing HEX detergent on.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Five stars

    Makes our smelly workout clothing smell fresh, which is quite the accomplishment.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Great rinse agent!

    Product works well— fabrics are soft and do not have build up. Recommend highly.

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