HEX Winter Bundle 2019



Resolve to protect your favorite fabrics in 2019! Hit the gym without worrying about lingering sweat smells. The HEX Winter Bundle includes 2 Detergents and 2 Boosters for fabrics that last longer, smell great, and feel good as new.


What you get:

  • (2x) Anti-Stink Laundry Detergent
    • Powerful detergent that eliminates bacterial stink and protects fabric
    • Your choice of Free + Clear or Fresh Clean Scent
    • Your choice of 32 load bottle, 35 load bag, or 24 load single dose = loads of truly clean laundry
  • (2x) In-Rinse Fabric Booster
    • Laundry booster for all fabrics, get extra protection against Winter’s static
    • Your choice of Free + Clear or Fresh Clean Scent
    • 20oz bag = up to 20 loads of fresh, static free, protected fabrics

What to clean:

  • All your laundry - HEX detergent cleans everything!
  • Technical Winter fabrics in coats, gloves, and boots
  • Stinky Winter sportswear, ski & snow gear
  • New clothes – HEX Detergent and Booster keep fabrics performing longer
  • Sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves for the whole family
  • Great for waterproof & water-resistant gear


  • HEX Detergents contain a biodegradable blend of: water, surfactants, chelating agents, stabilizers, fragrance (not included in Free + Clear versions), enzymes, and preservatives
  • HEX Boosters contain a biodegradable blend of: water, surfactants, fragrance (not included in Free + Clear version), and preservatives
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Skeptical? Here’s the proof.

HEX detergent cleans better – with testing to prove it. When it comes to cleaning odor, HEX blows the competition out of the water (or washing machine).

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unleash the HEX Molecule cleans and protects fabrics

Ahead of the cleaning game.

Born out of more than 30 years of testing in other industries, the HEX Molecule is new to the laundry category. It’s safe for all fabrics, eco-friendly, and destroys bacterial stink. Thanks, science.

hex science

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