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HEX Single Dose Safety Features

When we made our single dose laundry detergent, safety was a high priority. That’s why our packaging and formula is carefully thought out, to ensure the best clean with minimal risk for accidents at home. Learn more about the single dose safety features built into HEX Advanced Single Dose.

HEX Performance Advanced Single dose Detergent

HEX’s single dose safety features

We’ve all heard of the unfortunate situations with accidental ingestion of a laundry detergent pack. For HEX, safety is of the utmost importance for you and your family, so we’ve taken a three-step approach to safety. Here are our 3 main single dose safety features:

HEX Single Dose Detergent

A bad taste in your mouth

The bitter taste discourages ingestion, but washes away in water.

We manufacture our Single Dose Detergent with a coating that reacts with saliva to create a harsh taste that causes you to spit it out. And don’t worry; it rinses out completely in water and won’t leave a residue.

Clear, simple detergent packs

Laundry detergent shouldn’t look like candy

Our detergent packs look simple and clean. That’s on purpose. We leave out colorful dyes and fancy shapes that would make the single dose look like candy. (p.s. those dyes don’t clean anything anyway!)

An open resistant zipper

The new safe standard for single dose packaging

HEX pioneered one of the laundry industry’s first open-resistant packaging. This new zipper has become the standard for single dose detergents, and it’s been quickly adopted by the rest of the laundry aisle. The zipper wasn’t designed to frustrate – just to ensure that only the right people could open it.

How to use HEX Single Dose
single dose laundry detergent shouldn't look like candy

Clean. Convenient.

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Rethink Laundry; Rethink Clean

rethink laundry

It's time to rethink your laundry routines. In our Rethink Laundry series we begin to explain why HEX is different. From our packaging to our formula, we've changed. Fabrics have changed. Shouldn't your detergent change too?