MD, PA, + VA, Get HEX Detergent at Target!

Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, it’s time for a Target run. Now you can get HEX detergent at Target!

There’s always something new at Target. From great activewear to home decor and health and beauty products, Target knows what you need. That’s why we’re excited to announce new HEX Performance in the laundry aisle! You already love shopping there, so this time pick up some HEX detergent at Target!

Find HEX detergent at Target

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Get HEX detergent at Target

HEX has landed on shelves at every Target store in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Now that Target’s upgraded their laundry aisle, it’s time for you to upgrade your laundry detergent.

HEX Detergent at Target

New in MD, PA, + VA laundry aisles

Target's known for carrying the best new brands at affordable prices. So Target is the perfect place to find HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent! HEX is the only laundry detergent on shelves built for modern fabrics. It's easy to use, eco-friendly, and made in the USA!

Get HEX on

HEX detergent at Target with c9 sports bra

Online shopping just got cleaner

Not in the mid-atlantic? Don’t fret. You can get HEX detergent at anytime! Plus, with your Target REDcard, you save $5 and get free shipping on every order!

Why is HEX the best detergent at Target?

What's HEX? How to clean workout clothes

Fabrics have changed. For example, Target's activewear line– c9 by Champion– is made of performance fabrics that you can wear every day. These fabrics are synthetic. But unfortunately, regular detergents in those big jugs can't clean synthetics.

HEX is built differently. We clean modern laundry, from c9 to Merona, and even those fluffy bath towels that start to feel stiff and smell funny after a while. HEX is completely eco-friendly, yet powerful enough to eliminate stink, stains, and grime.

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With eco-friendly beauty products, healthy foods, and everything you need for a modern home, it’s no wonder so many people love shopping at Target.

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