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The 5 Main Benefits of Sweating

Maybe you love a good workout that leaves you drenched and sticky. Or maybe you despise the natural sweat that leaves you feeling less-than-fresh during the day. Whatever the case, sweat has amazing benefits for your body!
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Think of sweat as a friend, not an enemy

Most often, we think of sweat as an inconvenience. The bad side effect of humid days or hard workouts. While, yes, sometimes sweat is not the most pleasant bodily function, it is an important, and frankly, an amazing one. Adding to our conversations on sweat, we want to introduce you to five benefits of sweating that you may not have known about.

5 Main Benefits of Sweat

(Plus, how to deal with one smelly downside)

benefits of sweat for the body
  1. Sweat Cools the Body Down

    The primary reason that we sweat is to regulate the temperature of our bodies. Our body has many essential functions that need to be completed with a specific body temperature and sweat is one of the main ways that our body does that. When we sweat, the liquid beads onto our skin and then is evaporated by our body heat. This process is what cools your body down.

  2. Sweat Cleanses the Body

    While excessive sweating can lead to heightened amounts of dirt and buildup in your pores, mild to moderate sweating can actually help to cleanse your pores of toxins and lead to fewer pimples and blackheads. Sweating opens up your pores and can help to purge dirt and grime from them, leading to less imperfections. Just be sure to wash the sweat off, so that it doesn’t stay on your skin.

    Did you know that sweating can also help your hair? Sweating can help to promote the growth of healthy hair by stimulating your hair follicles and unclogging them. Regular exercise can promote healthy hair growth, assuming you wash your hair thoroughly after a sweat sesh.

  3. Sweat Boosts Immunity

    Sweat is also known to release peptides onto the skin that can fight off germs and viruses. These peptides can help your body to fight off infection and can act as a natural antibiotic.

  4. Sweat Detoxifies

    Sweat helps to purge your body of harmful toxins and therefore acts as one of your body’s natural detoxifiers. Different types of toxins that can be released include sugar, alcohols and even cholesterol. This is also how sweat can promote healthy skin that is free of pimples and blemishes.

  5. Sweating (When Working Out) Releases Endorphins

    Endorphins are what our body releases to make us feel good. We are sure that you have felt the rush of these feel-good hormones when you finish a tough workout at the gym. It is quite possible that sweating has boosted the amount of endorphins that your body has released.

The Downside: dealing with sweat smells

Washing lots of sweaty clothes? Use HEX Detergent.

Did you know that your sweat itself doesn’t actually have a smell? The “sweat smell” is simply the result of your sweat mixing with bacteria on your skin or clothes. If you are suffering from stinky, sweaty, and bacteria-laced clothes, then you should switch to HEX laundry detergent. It’s the only detergent with a proprietary formula designed to deep clean and protect workout clothes and all laundry.

wash athleisure clothing

Sweat. HEX. Repeat.

While sweat can be uncomfortable when it’s unexpected, it really does your body a whole lot of good. From keeping your hair healthy to boosting your endorphin output, you can expect to benefit from the sweat produced by your intense workouts! And with HEX, your clothes are completely cleared of that sweat with each wash. Plus, HEX protects fabrics beyond the wash cycle. It keeps apparel at peak performance while you sweat and enhances the moisture wicking features. All to keep you comfortable, fresh, and confident.