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The Technologies Behind The Best Workout Clothes

You’ve probably seen the terms “moisture-wicking,” “breathable,” and “quick-drying” on the tags of your workout clothes. But what exactly do those features mean?

The Features & Technologies of the Best Gym Clothes

Have you wondered what actually makes athletic clothes different from regular clothes? Is it all just a huge marketing scheme to take advantage of New Year’s resolutions and fitness goals? Or are these fabrics really designed for movement and sweat?

Workout clothes have continually changed and adapted to the needs of the modern consumer. The fabrics used to make workout clothes now feature technologies that make them more enjoyable to wear (hence the rise and popularity of athleisure). Try switching from a cotton t-shirt to a good running shirt, and you may even make find they make working out more enjoyable!

moisture wicking workout clothes


Clothes are called moisture-wicking when the fabric has the ability to quickly move sweat to its outer surface. This process provides you with a more comfortable workout experience than cotton, which stays wet and gets heavy. Wicking ensures that your sweat does not saturate the fabric. It keeps you cool and makes sure you are not sticky!

The process of moisture wicking is done through something called “capillary action”. It is the movement of your sweat through minute spaces in the fabric itself. Capillary action is most often found in the synthetic fabrics that make up most work clothes and would not be found in standard fabrics like cotton.

Finding workout clothes with moisture-wicking technology will ensure the best experience while working out, giving you a cooling effect despite the sweat.

HEX-Activewear-Detergent for moisture wicking fabrics


Similar to the concept of moisture-wicking, the breathability of a fabric relates to the absorption and subsequent release of moisture in your workout clothes fabrics. This continual cycle of absorption and release keeps you cool during the sweatiest of workouts.

You will often find mesh panels on workout clothes as a way to add extra breathability to them. These increase the airflow of your clothes keeping you dry and cool during your workout.


The quick-drying properties of workout clothes walk hand-in-hand with their moisture-wicking and breathability features. Keeping you cool and relieving the weight that sweat can add to your clothes are the cornerstones of this technology.

Another benefit of quick-drying clothes is that they’re a breeze to air dry. Air drying instead of tumble drying, along with washing with the right detergent, will ensure your workout clothes stay in good shape.

Smelly Gym Clothes

Dealing with the downside of workout clothes: odor.

You may notice that your new technical synthetic clothes are tough to clean. In other words, they stink. That’s because today’s fabrics are different, and they need to be cleaned differently. HEX Detergent uses HEX Molecules to eliminate bacterial stink. In addition to odor removal, HEX has a host of other cleaning benefits.

water resistant coat

Water Resistant

Nylon, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics can often be water resistant fabrics. This technology is usually found in outdoor apparel, outerwear, and gear (gym bags and shoes). Water resistant does not necessarily mean that these fabrics are 100% waterproof, but it does mean that if you have to run from the gym to your car in a downpour, you and your clothes won’t be soaked.

While water-resistant doesn’t mean water will never soak through, you can trust that most liquids will bead off instead of soaking in.


One of the newest technologies is the ability to prevent bacteria from building up within the fibers. These antimicrobial fabrics are lined with silver or coffee grounds in order to stunt the bacterial growth that causes a stink in your workout clothes. Antimicrobial qualities are new in fabrics that are often subject to bacteria buildup, just like workout clothes are! These brands are exploring ways to solve a common problem that many laundry detergents have ignored: workout clothes odor.

You may find a heftier price tag on these types of workout clothes. So, if you choose to buy antibacterial clothing, make sure to protect your investment. Along with high-tech workout clothes comes the need for proper cleaning. Make sure you’re taking proper care of your antimicrobial fabrics with HEX Detergent!

Get HEX: maintain technical workout clothes

how to clean fitness equipment with HEX Performance

Workout clothes have become better and better at providing you with an enjoyable workout experience. But they do have the tendency to trap odor and bacteria. Traditional laundry detergents have not adapted to these new technologies and how to clean them.

Clean your workout clothes with HEX to make sure that you are eliminating the bacterial odor from your sweaty clothes. HEX detergent has been designed specifically for today’s fabric technologies, with a unique ability to help improve wickability, decrease dry time, eliminate stink and stains, enhance softness, remove static, and more. All with a biodegradable formula! Get HEX, and protect your invesment in the best workout clothes.