Tips for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Routine

Greenify your laundry routine with these simple tips.

What’s the first (and the most difficult) step to green laundry? Finding an eco-friendly detergent that’s biodegradable and also cleans effectively. Now, make your green detergent work even harder with these cleaning tips for a green laundry routine! You’ll find that these cleaning methods don’t just help the environment– they also make your job easier!

Eco-friendly laundry routine tips

Try a powerful green

Lots of green detergents don’t deliver in cleaning power. But that’s how HEX is different! It’s powerful cleaning that’s still green. So even your worst laundry gets clean.

Cold water works

HEX works just fine in cold water! Even our Single Dose has no problem dissolving. Washing laundry in cold saves energy (which means money, too!)

Skip bleach

The harmful chemicals aren’t really necessary (unless you’re cleaning up a crime scene)

Wash, don’t toss

Use machine washable dishcloths instead of throwing away sponges. You can also switch to cloth napkins, try to use towels instead of paper towels, and even cloth diapers!

Green the rinse cycle

Ditch harmful dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Instead, try HEX In-Rinse Fabric Booster for a clean, soft, eco-friendly boost to your laundry.

Air dry when possible

You don’t need a clothes line. Just grab a simple drying rack! This can save some dryer power and protect your delicates and activewear from too much heat.

Clean green every day with HEX

Where to buy HEX Performance

Live Clean.

Be confident in your laundry routine! Use a simple cleaning system that's dedicated to the environment and works for all laundry.

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