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Why You Should Never Use Too Much Laundry Detergent


Too much laundry detergent can get sudsy. Or worse.

When you feel like your clothes need extra cleaning, do you use extra detergent? If you find yourself pouring lots of detergent into the machine, you might be using way too much. Here’s why using too much laundry detergent won’t get you a better clean.

Main effects of overdosing detergent

detergent residue on pants

Residue on fabrics

If your black pants come out of the wash with a weird white or colored blotch on them, don’t freak out. It’s probably just detergent residue from overdosing. It can be washed out, but that’s annoying! Wash with the right amount of detergent, and they’ll be clean the first time around.

Oversudsing washing machine too much laundry detergent

Excessive foam in the washing machine

An oversudsing washing machine is not something you want in your laundry routine. And if you’re not home or don’t notice, that means your damp clothes are sitting in the machine getting stinky.

damaged washing machine because of too much laundry detergent

Washing machine mold + damage

Extra soap left behind can cause malfunctions. Plus, all that detergent build up causes mold to form in laundry machines. Mold tends to grow in the gasket, where you don’t see it but you sure do smell it. (But HEX actually treats odors caused by mildew – that’s pretty cool.)

HEX detergent cup pouring

You run out of detergent faster!

Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and dose responsibly! Better yet, personalize a HEX subscription and you’ll never run out!

Using traditional detergent?

Too much laundry detergent damages fabrics

Those detergents all use the same basic science to attempt to clean. The problem? That science doesn’t do anything to clean modern fabrics. That’s why clothes still smell bad after washing. So you end up using too much laundry detergent, extra fragrance boosters, dryer sheets and more to try to get stuff clean. But using traditional detergents only coats the fabrics more and traps bacterial odor!

is too much laundry detergent bad

The sticky, dirty truth

More detergent doesn’t mean more clean. Actually, when using regular old blue detergents, the more detergent you use the worse your clothes will be. And as long as you keep using these detergents, your clothes will never be really clean.

Using HEX Performance detergent?

One ounce is all it takes

HEX products use a different science that’s actually good for fabrics when used appropriately. But you still don’t want to overdose! Trust us when we say that just an ounce is enough to seriously clean a regular load of laundry.

Dosing HEX Laundry Detergent

A cleaner HE detergent

Doesn’t take much HEX to get a true clean! Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way, and dose according to the directions on the HEX package. If you have soft water, you will likely need to use a little less detergent than normal to prevent foam.

Gets better with use

If you have really stinky laundry, you might be tempted to pour extra HEX detergent in the first wash to tackle the smell. But just be patient and let HEX do its job. We guarantee a few normal washes with HEX will have your stuff back to new!

Best way to wash stinky work clothes

Save time, skip measuring

Easy dosing: Just toss in one or two Single Dose Detergents, depending on whether you’re doing a regular or large load of laundry.

Get a better HE laundry experience

HEX Performance Full Kit - Free + Clear

The future of laundry is here. All HEX products are designed to seriously clean and protect today’s fabrics. This new HE laundry detergent packs a powerful clean every time. Just an ounce of this clear liquid that runs like water is enough to clean your toughest laundry problems. All this, and it’s eco-friendly. We know it’s hard to believe, so try HEX yourself.

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