Laundry Tip: Keep Towels From Smelling Like Mildew


Smelly towels solution

Use HEX to get rid of that mildew smell and keep odors from coming back.

How to keep towels from smelling like mildew

If you’ve only been using HEX to clean sportswear, you’re seriously missing out. HEX is designed for all laundry. That’s why it has incredible effects on your regular laundry problems, like those musty smelling towels. Get rid of the mildew smell in towels by washing with HEX. This will also keep towels from smelling bad later. How? The unique, eco-friendly, bonded barrier in HEX protects fabrics from that sour smelling odor.

  1. Wash with HEX Advanced Laundry Detergent
  2. Store in a dry area
  3. That's all! No need for soaking in vinegar or adding dryer sheets, extra fragrances, baking soda, bleach, lemon juice, or all the other time consuming methods we've seen.

Eco-friendly sports laundry detergent

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