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Cleaning Odors

HEX vs. Them
Did you know that traditional detergents aren’t actually getting your laundry clean? In fact, in many cases they’re making things worse by clogging up the fabric! Enter HEX. With a new, unique formula, HEX deep cleans your laundry to get to the root of the problem. But don’t take our word for it…

How clean is a clean shirt?
The International Antimicrobial Council dirtied three workout shirts and washed them five times. They compared shirts washed with HEX to those washed with a standard detergent. They found that with traditional detergent, odors are actually GROWING wash after wash. But with HEX, odors dramatically decreased.
* third party testing done by IAC using astm methods

Soil Removal

A better clean
We don’t have to tell you about stains. Other detergents have been trying to get unwanted grime out of your clothes for decades, but we’re already doing it better.

HEX protects
We do even more than deliver the cleanest clothes your washing machine has seen. HEX keeps working after washing, with an eco-friendly, nonallergenic molecule washed into your clothing to protect against future stink, stains, and grime.
* third party testing done by Sterling Laboratories

Traditional DetergentsTraditional DetergentsTraditional Detergents
HEX Performance Advanced Laundry DetergentTraditional
Detergent 1
Detergent 2
HEX Performance Advanced Laundry DetergentTraditional
Detergent 3