How To Use HEX Advanced Single Dose Detergent

Love the convenience of single dose detergents, but still getting used to the change from traditional liquid? Here’s what you need to know about HEX’s Single Dose Detergent

Single dose detergents are great for easy, quick use. For apartment and college life, they save you from lugging a heavy jug to the laundry room or laundromat. Here’s what you need to know about how to use laundry packs properly.

Watch: How To Use HEX Single Dose

watch: how to use HEX single dose video

Advanced Single Dose Laundry Detergent

awesome single dose detergent


Use in place of your current detergent.

  1. Handle with dry hands.
  2. Add directly to the washing machine drum single-dose-loads
  3. Add clothes on top.
  4. Close package after use.

HEX Advanced Single Dose Detergent dissolves in all temperatures, so you can go ahead and wash your activewear in cold water.

Never put in the HE dispenser drawer.
* Manufacturers recommend against using traditional dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and bleach when washing some apparel (HEX eliminates the need for these). Follow instructions on apparel care tag.

Why don’t single dose detergents go in the dispenser drawer?

Always toss your single dose detergent directly into the washer drum of your HE or regular machine (before the clothes). If you don’t, the flush of water from the machine’s dispenser drawer may not be enough to dissolve the outer shell of the single dose. It’s possible that this could lead to damage to either the washing machine or the laundry inside of it.

Here’s some more information from Whirlpool about potential problems caused by not putting single doses directly into the machine drum.
Where to put single dose laundry detergent

  • Single doses may not dissolve if placed in the washer dispenser
  • If single doses are placed in dispensers of either HE top-load or HE front-load, the dispensers may clog and cause an overflow
  • The single dose outer shell may not dissolve in a gentle or a hand-wash cycle; Stronger agitation is needed
  • Single doses can get caught in the bellows in HE front-load if not put in the back of the drum, and may not dissolve properly
  • If the single dose does not dissolve completely and clothes are dried in a dryer, residue not rinsed out of fabrics may cause permanent staining

detergent packs are not-candy

Detergent shouldn’t look like candy

We’ve all heard of the unfortunate situations with ingestion of a laundry detergent pack. For HEX, safety is of the utmost importance for you and your family, so we’ve taken a three-step approach to safety.

HEX Single Dose Detergent

Here’s why HEX’s unique single dose is awesome:

  1. We manufacture our Single Dose Detergent with a coating that reacts to saliva to create a harsh taste that causes you to spit it out.
  2. We leave out dyes or fancy shapes that would make the single dose look like candy.
  3. HEX created one of the laundry industry’s first open resistant packaging. The zipper wasn’t designed to frustrate – just to ensure that only the right people could open it. This new method of opening the bag is quickly becoming a standard for single dose detergents.

See how HEX compares to other single dose detergent packs

HEX is currently available online through Amazon and Target. Find us on shelves at select Target stores, Hannaford, Ingles, Market 32, Price Chopper, Harris Teeter, Wegmans, Shaws & Star Market, and Giant Eagle. Check our store locator to see if we’re in your favorite shop! Giant Eagle Harris Teeter Ingles Market 32 Shaws Star Market Target Wegmans

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