How To Clean Polyester Clothes

Do your synthetics stink? Here’s how to clean polyester clothes.

We know, you can’t figure out why your polyester clothes smell weird. You don’t smell bad, just the clothes. You wash them after every workout. And you’ve even tried vinegar, scent boosters, and everything else in the book. So why does the smell keep coming back as soon as you start sweating?

Why do synthetic fabrics stink?

traditional detergent can't clean polyester

Because traditional laundry detergents aren't doing their job.

Polyester, nylon, rayon, and other synthetic fabrics make up at least 60% of average laundry loads. Synthetic and blended fabrics are built differently than cotton. That means they need to be cleaned differently.

smelly polyester shirt

Odor gets trapped in the fabric.

The stinky odor in polyester builds up because traditional detergents don't wash out the sweat, dirt, and body oil. And instead of clean clothes, you have clothes coated with fragrance. They smell clean when you pull them out of the wash, but as soon as you start sweating again, it comes back.

And then you're that guy at the gym whose smell drives everyone to the other room.

how to clean polyester

How to wash polyester

  1. Check the clothing label for specific washing instructions. In most cases, we suggest machine washing in cold water
  2. Add clothes and your choice of HEX laundry detergent and In-Rinse Fabric Booster
  3. Press start! No need for vinegar or any other additives.
  4. Air dry or tumble dry on low temperature. You'll find that polyester dries much faster than cotton!

The best detergent for polyester

how to clean husband's stinky workout clothes

Stop living with stinky synthetics!

All HEX products are designed to seriously clean and protect today’s fabrics. Guaranteed to clean your toughest laundry problems or your money back.

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