How To Wash Snow Boots

Learn how to wash snow boots to keep them odor-free and lasting you many more long winters

When you buy snow boots, you look for something durable, high quality, and long lasting. New boots keep your feet warm and dry all Winter, but after a few years of tough use, you’ll definitely notice some wear and tear on your boots. Maintaining winter boots is important to ensure that they will keep working hard for you. So let’s get started!

How to wash snow boots with HEX Performance

HEX Spray & Go and Gear Wash will tackle tough snow boot odors

How to protect new snow boots

As soon as you take them out of the box, here’s one step you can take to protect your boots from stink. HEX Performance Spray & Go cleans and protects all kinds of gear and fabric.

How to clean and deodorize snow boots

How to use HEX Spray on snow boots

  1. Spray boots thoroughly, inside and out, with HEX. Don't be shy! Use plenty of spray to really soak the boots - they soak up a lot of sweat and dirty snow all Winter.
  2. Let dry completely before wearing

Pro tips: Always loosen up boots after use and store them by a vent or fan to let them dry out.

You can repeat this anytime you want to refresh your boots or remove musty stink left behind in wet snow boots.

How to wash snow boots

Packed-in snow, sweat, and dirt require a serious clean. HEX Gear Wash is designed to tackle odor and dirt in all kinds of high-performance gear and footwear! We’ve discovered that most footwear can be machine washed, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to be safe.

How to wash snow boots with HEX gear wash

How to use HEX Gear Wash on snow boots

  1. Brush off excess dirt
  2. Remove the laces
  3. Follow the directions for using HEX Gear Wash on our How To page.

How to care for L.L.Bean boots

L.L. Bean makes some of the most popular Winter boots. Since they want to help keep your boots as long as possible, they offer some tips on maintaining boots. When wiping off the exterior of the boot, we suggest using a small dose of HEX Gear Wash mixed with water for extra cleaning power and protection. HEX is safe for use on leather.

Visit our Directions page for more detail on how to use HEX Gear Wash and Spray & Go!

Where to get HEX Gear Wash and Spray & Go

Shop all HEX products online through Amazon and Target. Don’t forget to use your Amazon Prime or Target RedCard for bonus savings! And don’t stop at snow boots – HEX products are built to clean everything in your active life. Try our detergent to keep snow clothes performing and stink free!

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