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What To Wear To Hot Yoga (And How To Clean It)

Hot yoga practices employ high temperatures, making the clothes and gear you use especially important for staying comfortable and achieving certain poses. If you want to practice Bikram yoga while avoiding some of the challenges of sweat, we’ve got you covered.
how to clean sweaty hot yoga clothes smell

What To Wear To Hot Yoga

Wondering what to wear to your first hot yoga class? Your main goal should be to find clothing that functions: it’s comfortable, breathable, and easy to move in. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose clothes with your personal flair. With the vast array of options in workout clothes today, you can find something that functions well and looks great, at any budget.

Some popular brands for shopping hot yoga apparel and gear include lululemon, Manduka, and Sweaty Betty. Read on for tips on what features or styles to look for when deciding what to wear to a hot yoga class.

hot yoga class temperature 105 degrees
how to clean hot yoga clothes smell

What to look for in hot yoga clothes

  • Synthetic fibers: Being hot and sweaty is kind of the point of hot yoga, but cotton actually traps the sweat on your body, which will just make you feel more uncomfortable.
  • Moisture wicking: Most activewear today is designed to wick sweat from the body
  • A snug fit: Baggy clothing will become a nuisance when it’s time to get down and get sweaty
  • Pants vs shorts: You might think shorts would be most comfortable, but a capri or legging will give you the traction you need for arm poses.
  • Men? No shirt, no problem: It’s not uncommon for men to practice hot yoga without a shirt. If it’s your first time at a new studio, you may want to ask (or look at what the other men are wearing) before stripping down.

Tip: Keep hot yoga clothes looking & feeling like new

Along with new technical activewear comes a new cleaning challenge. Check the tag, and you’ll likely see “do not use softeners.” That’s because fabric softeners are known to coat fabrics, which is bad news for technical features like sweat-wicking. Traditional fabric softeners were built before modern activewear and athleisure became so advanced.

The HEX Performance fabric care line is formulated from scratch with modern fabrics in mind, making it ideal for yoga clothes.

Cleaning Hot Yoga Clothes & Mats

If your workout clothes smell, you’re not alone. Everyone who sweats and wears activewear is starting to realize that these sweaty synthetics are tough to clean. That’s because synthetic fabric + regular detergent = odor. Traditional laundry detergents can’t keep up with new fabrics. They’re just trying to mask the odor with fragrances and extra scent boosters. But unfortunately, those don’t clean your clothes. They actually make things worse. And that’s where HEX Performance comes in.

how to clean fitness apparel

How to wash hot yoga clothes

  1. Use detergent built for activewear – HEX cleans all fabrics, and even protects them for clothes that last longer and stay fresher
  2. Cold water, gentle cycle – Most activewear care tags advise to use cold water.
  3. Air dry / Tumble dry low – High heat in the washer and dryer wear out the fibers

Anti-Stink Detergent
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yoga mat
HEX Anti-stink Spray continuous spray deodorizer

How to clean sweaty yoga mats and towels

Spray, let dry, and go! HEX Anti-Stink Sprays are free of dyes and alcohols, making them great for cleaning all yoga mats. And for another way to clean, you can also apply the spray onto a soft cloth and wipe down a mat.

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