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Best Gifts For Yogis


Great Gifts For Yogis

Thoughtful gifts for your yoga teacher or friend

Add these fun, unique yoga gifts to your shopping list. Browse yoga gifts for him or for her, and gifts for your yoga teacher.

Meditation-themed box

calmbox | $30+

The calmbox delivers a “beautiful box of zen” for any yogi in your life. If you aren’t sure exactly what makes a good yoga gift, trust the experts at calmbox to pull together mindfully curated items like music, books, candles, personal care items, yummy snacks, motivational reminders, and more.

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Muscle Relief

Acupuncture Mat and Pillow | $40

Bring acupuncture therapy home with an affordable acupuncture mat and pillow. The healing technology relieves back and neck pain, making this a great yoga gift for the holidays.

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Diffuser & Humidifier

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser | $42

Candles are overgifted, but an essential oil diffuser is a fresh spin on a class gift for yogis. Dry Winter air at home can cause dry skin, and itchiness, so a diffuser adds a little bit of moisture to the air along with their choice of essential oil fragrances.

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Cute Yoga Mug

Namaste Here Mug | $17.99

The perfect funny gift for the coworker who’s into yoga.

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Yoga Apparel & Mat Cleaner

HEX Performance Essentials Bundle | $24.99

Yoga clothes need HEX to stay fresh, flowy, and performing in any pose. This laundry system was included in Yoga Digest’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. HEX removes tough odors and sweat while remaining gentle on yoga apparel.

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Stay Fresh in Any Pose

Get HEX: The Best Detergent for Yoga Apparel

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