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HEX Performance

HEX Performance. A new, powerful, eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s built to clean, protect, and restore all fabrics.

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it’s not just laundry.
it’s fabric care.

guaranteed to clean
the toughest laundry odors

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HEX cares for modern fabrics

Why make a new detergent?

Because no one else is getting it right.

Fabrics have changed. More than 60% of average laundry loads are now synthetic or blended fabrics. But traditional detergent wasn’t made to clean them. The result? Clothes that still stink and laundry that isn’t clean. We couldn’t find a solution. So we designed our own.

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It's official, you get Moms. Hacks have NOTHING on this product. Jessica via email
Why HEX? It's simply the best. I always keep stocked up James via Twitter
our clothes no longer smell!!!!! Melissa via Amazon
serious miracle worker Amazon review
I just stocked up after trying it. I'm sold! knocks out the static James via Amazon
the answer to horrible gym clothes Kevin via Amazon
wish I knew about this when my kids were in smelly sports! HEX is the best Facebook review
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