About HEX

What makes HEX Performance® different?
Where is HEX Performance® made?
Can I try a sample of HEX?

Online Orders & Shipping

I just placed an order. When will it ship?
Do you ship internationally?
How do I start a subscription?
How do I modify an existing subscription?
Is the HEX Performance® payment system secure?
How do you calculate shipping charges?

Product Questions

Is HEX Performance® safe for all fabrics (not just activewear)?
Which products should I use?
What’s the difference between your Fabric Conditioner and your Antibacterial Fabric Protector?
How do I use the Laundry Pod Packs?
Are HEX Wet Dryer Sheets safe to use on athletic wear? My tags say not to use dryer sheets?
What does HEX Performance® Deodorizing Spray do?
Is HEX Performance® Deodorizing Spray safe to clean my yoga mat with?
What kind of stains does HEX Stain and Stink Remover target?
What HEX Performance® products are best to get the stink out of shoes?
Will you be expanding your detergent fragrances into other parts of the regimen?

How To Use

Can I use HEX Performance® in my high-efficiency (HE) machine?
Can I hand wash with HEX?
How many washes does it take for HEX Performance® to work?
Should I mix HEX with my other detergents?
How often should I use HEX Performance® laundry detergent?

Environment & Safety

Is HEX Performance® environmentally friendly?
Is HEX Performance® septic and gray-water safe?
Is HEX Performance® cruelty free?

Return & Guarantee

What is HEX Performance's® return policy?
My shipment was damaged and says it's being returned to you. What do I do? What's your damage policy?

Retail & Partnership Information

Where can I find HEX Performance®?
Can I sell HEX Performance® at my business?
Do you have a Brand Ambassador Program?