Our Founder’s Story - Live Clean™

Believe it or not, HEX Performance® founder Drew Westervelt actually never intended to create the coolest laundry detergent ever (even though that’s totally what happened). The path to HEX was a rocky one full of ups, downs, and more than a few failed sniff tests. But in the end, Drew’s passion for people, the planet and better-performing gear got us to where we are today. 

As a former pro athlete, Drew’s a natural competitor. What might surprise you is that he’s also dyslexic, which he credits for his ability to see things differently. Drew originally sought out to create a product that would clean and protect artificial turf without harming the environment. It was a game-changing idea that also happened to spark a completely new perspective of the laundry category. Drew recognized that turf and synthetic fabrics are both made of plastic. That meant his same science could also work wonders on activewear, helping fabrics perform better and last longer — all without harsh chemicals or traditional detergent downfalls.

As they say, the rest is history.

But  we’re just getting started and can’t wait to discover where HEX will go next.


HEXtra! HEXtra!

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