About HEX

About HEX

“As a former pro athlete, I’m always up for a challenge. So, when the same old cleaning products led to the same poor results, I didn’t see failure. I saw opportunity. Today, HEX Performance® continues challenging tradition with a fierce competitive spirit and the tech to back it up.”
– Drew Westervelt, Founder & COO


Our founder, Drew Westervelt, wasn't always the laundry icon we all know and love today. He actually started as a professional athlete, and his mission to clean up the field led to an unexpected journey into laundry...


drew westervelt founder of hex laundry detergent playing lacrosse

From Field to Fabric

Being a professional lacrosse player, Drew knew how gunked up artificial turf could get. He decided there had to be a better way, and he set out to create an effective eco-friendly way to clean up the field. During this journey, he realized that turf and performance fabrics are both made of synthetic fibers, meaning this science could also work wonders on activewear! Enter HEX.


hex molecule

A Molecule is Born

Drew and the HEX team got to work designing something that would truly clean all kinds of activewear and gear, not just cover odor in perfume or leave performance-damaging residue behind. Then one day…. Success! The HEX molecule was created, our specially engineered dirt and odor fighting particle that protects performance fabric’s strength, flex, and fit. But that’s not the end of the story. Today, the HEX team is still hard at work in our laundry lab, making sure we’re creating the best, most effective laundry care products out there!

Now that you know all the dirty laundry, are you ready to try HEX on yours?



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