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Our most frequently asked questions collected in one place for you.

Let's start with our one-of-a-kind, HEX Molecule. Only the HEX Molecule is small enough and smart enough to penetrate super-tight knits, like your performance apparel. Why? Because traditional detergents were made to work on fabrics like cotton and wool with big, open weaves. But they only clean the surface layer and the fillers they use actually trap bacteria, sweat and body oils in your synthetic activewear. And the fragrances they use are really there to hide the odors left behind. That’s why after just a few minutes of wearing some of your “clean” clothes, they start to smell again. The HEX Molecule actually gets deep into tight-knit fabrics to remove odors and stains caused by bacteria. Plus, as it dries, HEX leaves an invisible shield behind to protect your fabrics, so they last longer, feel great, and perform at their best. No other laundry care does that. And, it’s biodegradable too. You’re going to love us.

HEX yeah, it is. HEX Performance® was designed for activewear and is great for all fabrics, so by all means, use it on your sheets, towels, baby’s clothing, kids wear, any place you have the need for real, clean fabric (we particularly like to use it on towels to keep them from developing that funky smell (you know what we're talking about). From natural fabrics like cotton and wool to stretchy synthetics, blends and everything in between, HEX has what it takes to conquer them all.

Do NOT use any other detergents or products on your clothes. They can make things worse by clogging fabrics with gunk and pollutants making it harder for the HEX Molecule to penetrate fabrics and do its job.

We don't suggest adding more HEX than the recommended dosage. What ends up happening is that there isn't enough water to rinse out the extra detergent, which can leave unwanted residue on the fabric. So, follow the dosing instructions on the bottle.

Soaking an item in a solution of HEX and water before washing can help to pull out especially difficult odor removal.

Finally, use HEX Fabric Conditioner in addition to HEX Detergent to protect your fabrics and actually keep odors and stains from returning. HEX Fab Conditioner not only softens but it creates a shield around each fiber that helps repeal stain and odor and preserve the comfort and performance. Using the full HEX Regimen (or HEXimen if you will) adds comfort and prolongs the life of your activewear.

If you're still having trouble, contact us. We believe in our product and want to help you get the best clean possible.

You can purchase HEX right here on our website or at any of our amazing retailers. Check our Retail Store Locator to find the retailer closest to you or purchase online at Target.com, Amazon.com or HEXPerformance.com.

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HEX orders are typically filled and shipped within two business days, so it's never long before you start odor-removing and fabric-protecting like a boss. During peak times, processing times may take 3-5 days.


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