The Science of HEX

The Science of HEX

 Long Live Your Laundry.

Sweat, dirt, grass, grime and heavy wear are no match for HEX Performance®. Our proprietary formulas use real, live science — yeah, we geek out on laundry — to eliminate odors and protect against future stink, stains, damage and pilling so your favorite fabrics stay stronger, longer.


Activewear is a tight-knit bunch. Literally. And only the HEX Molecule is small and smart enough to penetrate today’s ultra tight-knit performance fabrics. Other detergents basically just brush the surface and can’t infiltrate modern synthetics (aka “plastic fabrics”) or blends like HEX.

FYI: Traditional detergents leave leftover residue behind, so it takes a few washes for HEX to undo that damage. But once the gunk and grime are gone, you’ll never look at your laundry the same way again.


Most laundry detergents are anionic, which is just a fancy-schmancy term for having a negative charge. Sweat and bacteria are anionic too.The HEX Molecule gives our formulas a positive charge to actively attract bacteria, attach to it, and pull it out of fabrics.

Plus, HEX is hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t mix or get diluted by water. Our science stays strong through the wash…and long after.


As it dries, the HEX Molecule creates an invisible, odorless shield to protect fabrics against odors, stain re-absorption and other damage — like pilling, elasticity loss and reduced sweat-wickability. By protecting your fabrics, you protect the investment you’ve made in your clothes and can keep wearing your favorite pieces for years to come.


The HEX Molecule comes with all kinds of bonus benefits too. By not corroding, clogging or otherwise abusing your activewear, your fabrics maintain their softness, colorfastness and new-clothes feeling wear after wear and wash after wash. It even reduces static (shocking, isn’t it?).


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