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with Kojo David Aidoo Spotify Workout Playlist


Why this playlist?

Whether you are looking to elevate your workout or just cruise through a run, this is the playlist to get you into the flow. The best part is that I can let you tap into my world for a few hours. I hope you enjoy it!

What drives you and really pushes you forward?

What drives me most is my kids – just the thought of them not going through the things I went through growing up in Ghana. I promised my mom a few things and I would like to see those things come true.

What does fitness mean to you in your life?

Fitness to me is life. It has made me mentally and physically strong and has made me value life. Seeing clients or people I have worked with thrive from the fitness advice I give them or a routine I teach them is everything to me.

Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor workout?

I prefer a controlled environment so I will say indoor, but I love nature and everything it adds to a workout. Being able to go on hikes or runs with different terrain and weather conditions is key to your personal wellbeing.

What’s your favorite exercise?

It would have to be jump rope and ab sliders. Jump rope is a total body workout and my preferred way of bringing my heart rate up to the burning point. Ab sliders are my everything, I love a tight and toned core.

What do you love about HEX?

My love for HEX came after I did a shoot for them and discovered the beautiful science behind their products. I can’t believe something that looks like water can clean so well – it’s amazing! The Wet Dryer Sheets are phenomenal, they make your workout clothes smell amazing. The Deodorizing Spray and Stain and Stink Remover are absolute “must haves” for the athlete, trainer or trainee life.