For Humans That Sweat

Did you know
most laundry products
aren't designed
for modern fabric?

As the ultra tight-knit and superior performance of modern fabrics evolved, standard detergents just stopped cutting it. Those old detergents just fell back on gimmicks, thickeners, brighteners, and other additives that not only don't help clean, but actually clog up and damage modern activewear. That's where HEX comes in.

HEX is the only detergent designed from the ground up to truly penetrate and clean tight-knit and protect the flex, fit and strength of your athletic wear.

HEX really works to get foul odors out of stinky workout clothing.
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The HEX Difference

Odor Eliminating

The mighty HEX Molecule eliminates odor-causing bacteria instead of just covering it up with perfume

Fabric Protecting

HEX penetrates fibers & creates a protective layer over each fiber, protecting flex, fit, & strength

Skin Friendly

HEX Fragrance Free is dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic and our other fragrances are gentle on skin.

Clean & Green

Clean shouldn’t be mean. That’s why HEX formulas are biodegradable and cruelty free.

Liquid Detergent

Activewear is a tight-knit bunch. Literally. And only the Hex Molecule is small and smart enough to penetrate today’s ultra tight-knit performance fabrics to eliminate odors at the source (masking is cheating), block future stains and keeps fabrics feeling and fitting like new, wash after wash.

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Fabric Conditioner

When your activewear isn’t soft, it can rub you the wrong way in all the wrong places. That’s why we were determined to create a solution for the clothes you move in most. HEX Fabric Conditioner goes way beyond softening to preserve stretch and eliminate odors and keeps your clothes from getting rough. OH and did we mention HEX is awesome for all fabrics?

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Wet Dryer Sheets

Get this: traditional dryer sheets contain wax, which melts in the dryer to create a softening, anti-static coating. This process actually clogs fabrics so they can’t stretch, breathe or wick moisture as effectively. Our exclusive wet-to-dry technology keeps things clean, starting out wet to bond with fabrics vs. clogging them. So, you get all the benefits with none of the junk.

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Deodorizing Spray

Is it possible to be hard on odor, yet easy on the earth? HEX yeah, it is. Go to town on stink with this biodegradable formula that deodorizes everything from clothes and athletic gear to yoga mats and pet beds.

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