Hey HEX Fans! We have partnered with @thenorthface flagship stores in New York, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco to celebrate the launch of #futurelight - a new advanced breathable waterproof technology available exclusively by The North Face. HEX is also now available for purchase in select TNF stores.

Designed to clean & protect activewear, HEX is the perfect way to prepare for all of your fall adventures. Tag your favorite hiking/biking/skiing partner below for a chance to win a HEX/The NorthFace prize pack!


Clean Up Your Activewear™

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Converts Wanted

HEX Performance® is active care for your activewear. And gear... And all your other laundry too.

Odor Eliminating

The mighty HEX Molecule actively removes odors versus hiding them under harsh perfumes (that’s just cheating).

Fabric Protecting

Activewear ain’t cheap. HEX protects your investment by maintaining fabrics’ strength, stretch and sweat-wickability.

Skin Friendly

HEX Fragrance Free is dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic and our Fresh & Clean is gentle on skin with just a hint of scent.

Biodegradable & Cruelty Free

Clean shouldn’t be mean. That’s why HEX formulas are kind to the planet and all the cute little animals on it.

“As a former pro athlete, I’m always up for a challenge. So, when the same old cleaning products led to the same poor results, I didn’t see failure. I saw opportunity. Today, HEX Performance® continues challenging tradition with a fierce competitive spirit and the tech to back it up.”

– Drew Westervelt, Founder & COO

HEX Has Your back

(and the shirt on it)

When you’re on the move, you need your clothes to keep up. HEX has the clean-and-protect part covered.

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