How To Prevent Smelly Running Shoes

Believe it or not, you can keep running shoes from stinking. The trick is to start before they stink!

As a runner, you go to all sorts of extreme measures to get rid of shoe odor. So what if we told you we could prevent that smell from ever hitting your running shoes? Well, you probably wouldn’t believe us. Here’s the secret of how to prevent smelly running shoes:

Spray and deodorize smelly running shoes

How to keep running shoes from getting stinky

Use this shoe deodorizer spray while your shoes are not too shabby. Apply it on brand new shoes to prevent odor. HEX Spray & Go can be used in between thorough washes as a quick and couldn’t-be-easier solution for smelly running shoes.

Clean and prevent smelly running shoes

Even if you only run on treadmills, you still have to clean smelly running shoes. Most shoe cleaners just cover up the smell with fragrance. But fragrance isn’t really clean! And the smell just comes right back on your next run. Here’s how to prevent that smell from ever hitting your running shoes.

how to prevent smelly running shoes

How to use HEX Spray & Go on shoes:

Loosen the laces and open up your shoes before spraying. This will let you get all the way into the shoe and apply a good coating. Spray liberally, coating the inside and outside of the shoe. There is no rinsing necessary. HEX is safe on technical running shoes because it’s inspired by technical fabrics!

  1. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the shoe, and apply liberally, all over. Coat the inside and outside of the shoe.
  2. Air dry. That’s it!

HEX On Demand+ Spray & Go is the only shoe deodorizer spray that actually removes and prevents stink. Get HEX, and ditch smelly running shoes for good.

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