When To Throw Away Workout Clothes

Workout clothes worn out? Don’t throw them away just yet. HEX has a solution to keep your sportswear performing longer, stink free.

Clothes can’t last forever– we won’t fool ourselves. How long should they last? How many workouts and washes can you get out of a sweat-wicking shirt before it quits the team? Can your compression shorts outlast your $15 pair of socks? These are the big questions!

Workout clothes are valuable

Fabric has changed. Modern clothing is mostly made of technical, synthetic fibers. These are not the same as your dad’s college gym shirt.

The first sweat-wicking shirt was introduced in 1996. For decades, workout clothes have been getting better and better at their job. Clothing designers, manufacturers, and even celebrities are continuing to work to craft the best performing, most comfortable, highest quality, most stylish and attractive sportswear. Admit it, you want to look good while you sweat up a storm!

Today’s gym clothes use technology and style, empowering you to look + feel your best while you sweat.

Workout clothes have a lifespan

All those workouts mean your stuff stinks. But is stink a reason to throw out your fitness clothes and gear? Factors like the intensity and frequency of your workouts affect the lifespan of sportswear. Are you wearing your clothes through a light yoga session once a week? Or are we talking HIIT and regular Tough Mudder marathons?

This article in Women’s Health offers a fitness expert’s standard of how often to throw away gym clothes. If you wear out your compression garments and sports bras until they tear at the seams, you won’t be getting the performance out of them that you had when you bought them. CosmopolitanRefinery29 and Total Beauty both give a similar timeline for tossing worn out workout clothes. Philly MagThe Sweat Life, and Livingly are also talking about whether to keep or toss workout gear. If you read those guides for discarding workout apparel and you’re now tempted to go and purge your entire gym wardrobe, pause! We’re all trying to live more simply, and getting rid of extra stuff is one important step closer to that clean life. But these clothes are valuable! Let’s see if we can’t offer some help to keep our awesome workout clothes a bit longer.


Why do workout clothes stink?

Generally, it’s understood that keeping apparel and gear clean will make it last longer. If you’re working out in your workout clothes, you should be sweating in them. Sweat is a necessary function of the body. Sweat also breeds bacteria. Bacteria, sweat, and dirt build up in your workout clothes, causing odor. You wash your clothes, but the odor doesn’t completely go away, or it comes back quickly.


The problem is in the way we’ve been cleaning our gear. Most people aren’t aware that traditional laundry products are not the best suited for cleaning today’s fabrics. Maybe you’ve heard that fabric softener is harmful to your sweat-wicking clothes, but that’s not the end of the story. Traditional detergents and softeners have been treating our clothes for decades, but clothes have changed.

Clothes have changed. Traditional detergents haven’t caught up to modern fabric needs.

Use HEX to extend the lifespan of workout clothes

Fabrics have evolved. Everyone (not just athletes) wears synthetics. Today’s activewear is comfortable and stylish enough that we’re wearing it beyond the doors of the gym. Brunch, errands, meetings, and vacations are all fair game for your Adidas threads to make an appearance. Because of this flexible style, it’s more important than ever to keep your gym clothes performing, while looking and smelling clean.

How to wash workout clothes

  1. Throw everything in the washing machine (no need to sort sportswear from regular clothes).
  2. Add a dose of HEX Performance Laundry Detergent to the detergent receptacle.
  3. Add a dose of HEX Performance In-Rinse Fabric Booster to the softener receptacle.
  4. Wash in cold water on a delicate or regular cycle.

Stop throwing away stuff too soon! HEX cleans the uncleanable. HEX Performance Laundry Detergent is inspired by activewear, and designed for all laundry. Put it to the test on your most foul smelling gym clothes and gear, and we know you’ll see the difference.

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