How Can I Make My Activewear Last Longer?

Let’s face it, that trusted pair of running shorts will have to depart your closet eventually. HEX discovered how to extend one's life… for activewear that is. 

A light yoga session, HIIT, or training for a Crossfit competition all have different impacts on the performance of your activewear. However, you don’t have to shy away from an intense workout just to maintain your Lululemons. This is where HEX steps in. 


 Synthetic fabrics are the new kids on the block. The stretch, breathability, and wickability features have revolutionized the importance of performance when it comes to your workout clothes. We all know that as fabric technology grows, so does the price tag on many activewear items. Between the need to get your money’s worth and the need for high performance, a prolonged life for your activewear is a top priority. 

The HEX Molecule plays a huge part in maintaining the life of your synthetic fabrics. The HEX Molecule is small enough to penetrate deep into tight-knit fabrics giving your clothes a deep clean while eliminating trapped odors caused by bacteria. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. The secret is, in addition to cleaning and deodorizing, the HEX molecule helps to block future stains while leaving a protective shield to defend against consistent wear and tear. 

HEX Performance Detergent and Fabric Conditioner are a powerhouse duo that kicks off a life-extending fabric regimen. Followed by HEX Wet Dryer Sheets, our exclusive wet-to-dry technology that starts out wet to bond with fabrics and helps to prolong fiber integrity. For those activewear items that need a little extra love, HEX Stain and Stink Remover works double duty to remove stains and odors that have been locked in over time. It's a life saver as well as a life extender. 

So there you have it, HEX is the secret to your activewear’s (somewhat) everlasting life.  


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