4 Ways You're Wasting Money Doing Laundry Wrong

We all love finding little ways to cut costs in our lives without sacrificing our general happiness. These 4 common laundry mistakes could be taking a toll on your wallet–– and your clothes.

  1. Overdosing the laundry detergent

    This tip couldn't be more simple: make sure you aren't throwing money down the drain by overdosing laundry detergent. Many of today's washing machines feature a dosage tray built right in. But instead of pouring the detergent right into the tray, double check your dosage instructions and pour the right amount. A highly concentrated laundry detergent like HEX only needs a mere ounce to clean a medium load of dirty laundry.

  2. Drying on high heat

    There's no real need for the high heat setting on your clothes dryer. If low or medium heat isn't getting your clothes dry in one cycle, try drying smaller loads by hanging up a few pieces to air dry. If you still find your laundry coming out damp, it may be an issue with your dryer.

    Workout clothes should always be air dried to protect the fabrics. If you find yourself doing a lot of air drying, invest in a drying rack like this one that holds an entire load of laundry at once!

  3. Washing in hot water too often

    The cold water cycle in your washing machine uses less energy because the water isn’t being heated. While it may not seem like a big deal, you’d be surprised by how much money you save using the cold water cycle.

    Save the environment while you're at it: The Smithsonian wrote about how washing clothes in cold water can help the Earth. Energy Star also found that 90% of the energy used to do a load of laundry goes to the hot water. 

    Maintain activewear: The fabric in your workout clothes should be treated carefully. This means using cold water, air drying or drying on low, and washing it after each use.

    Now that you’re using cold water (which doesn’t clean as powerfully as hot water) you need a detergent that works. Which brings us right into our next tip:

  4. Using the wrong detergent

    Not all fabrics are created equally, but for several decades laundry detergents have been following the same basic formula. This decades-old formula works fine on natural fabrics like cotton, but it doesn't properly clean synthetic fabrics (think yoga pants, workout clothes, and golf polos).

    Most basic detergents contain chemical fillers, dyes and other unnecessary things that can degrade performance fabrics. This means your clothes are wearing out faster, and holding onto stink longer.

    This is where HEX Performance detergent comes in. The HEX formula is completely reimagined with synthetics in mind, so it protects your investment in quality activewear pieces. As it dries, the HEX Molecule creates an invisible, odorless shield to protect fabrics against odors, stain re-absorption and other damage — like pilling, elasticity loss and reduced sweat-wickability. By protecting your fabrics, you protect the investment you’ve made in your clothes and can keep wearing your favorite pieces for years to come.

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