What To Do With Sweaty Gym Clothes At Work

Getting a workout in before work is a great accomplishment. But once you change into work clothes, what can you do with sweaty gym clothes at work? Here’s how HEX keeps sweat smell at bay, and 5 ideas for storing sweaty workout clothes while you’re at the office.

HOW TO: Store Sweaty Gym Clothes at Work

It’s a conundrum faced by active people everywhere. If you find time to squeeze in a workout before work, what do you do with those sweaty clothes? Leave them in your bag, they’ll soak and make everything inside smell musty. Here are 5 ideas to overcome the gym-clothes-at-work issue.

  1. Hand wash + hang dry We know it sounds like a lot of work, but hear us out. Hand wash a few items of clothing in the bathroom sink as soon as you get to the office. If you wear quick-drying fabrics, you can hang them up over a stall door in the corner, and they’ll be dry in an hour or two. Of course, your office culture will determine if people complain or don’t mind.
  2. Store them in a wet bag A waterproof, washable bag keeps everything contained. Of course, you’re skeptical. Wet clothes sealed in a bag? Won’t that cause mildew smells and make the problem worse? Not if you’re washing these clothes with HEX Performance Detergent. HEX eliminates odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, and sweat.
  3. De-stink with HEX Anti-Stink Deodorizing Spray Try a fabric deodorizer spray on your workout gear. This travel-ready spray is a great way to help keep odors at bay during long days.
  4. Leave them in your car If you can’t bring them into the office, let them air out in the car. If you’re driving from the gym to work, you can lay the clothes over the seats and drive with the windows down for some airflow. Again, keep washing workout clothes with HEX to keep odors away.
  5. Talk to your coworkers Do a lot of people in your office work out in the morning or bike to work? Then band together to find a better solution. Maybe it’s as simple as a designated area to hang up clothes, or lockers. Your coworkers will understand that sweaty clothes are a side effect of that lifestyle choice. Don’t be ashamed of the sweat– be proud!

Keep The Sweat Smell at Bay with HEX Performance

Start strong by always washing gym clothes with the right detergent for odor. HEX Performance has been recommended by Runner’s World, POPSUGAR Fitness, GQ, and many more. It’s designed to eliminate bacterial stink, and even protect the fabric from future odor!

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