Performance Detergent for Your Activewear Is a Must

What is up with those awful looking, yellow pit stains that seem to appear overnight on all of your activewear? No matter how many times you wash them or what you use, they just won’t go away. Just another t-shirt, ruined. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s your detergent. Here are the top 5 reasons why activewear needs special care and why traditional detergents aren’t getting the job done.  


Fabrics Have Changed. Detergents Haven’t. 

The fabrics used in your activewear aren’t your run-of-the-mill cottons and wools. They’re designed specifically to enhance performance like stretch, breathability, wickability – the list goes on. Rule of thumb, synthetic high-performance fabrics like these need special care. Regular detergents use thickeners that clog tight-knit fabrics leaving bacteria, residue and odor behind. Gross. 

The HEX molecule is able to penetrate synthetic fabrics to wash out residue and eliminate odor caused by bacteria. Not only does it clean your performance wear, but it creates a protective barrier to help prevent future stains and stink. So sweat all you want, with HEX Detergent your activewear is two steps ahead.



Bacteria Stinks. Activewear Shouldn’t. 

Studies show that odor-causing bacteria lives it’s best life on synthetic performance fabrics increasing the stink factor on your activewear. Regular detergents don’t remove all of the bacteria from your activewear. So, to cover up what’s left behind, they mask odors with perfumes and fragrances. We don’t hide behind fragrances and the proof is in our Fragrance Free Detergent line, focused on cleaning your gear, not coating it. 

HEX’s specialized detergents are MADE to eliminate stains and odors caused by bacteria on your performance wear. Here’s the deal (we’re going to get a little nerdy for a second): sweat and bacteria have a negative charge; our HEX molecule has, you guessed it, a positive charge. This allows our odor-fighting detergent to pull all of the gunk and debris out of your performance fabrics in the wash. SCIENCE IS COOL!


Sweat Without The Stains

A great workout is incredibly rewarding, however it can be tough on your activewear. So yeah, we’re proud of some of those hard-earned sweat stains and ground-in dirt from exercise. But without the right laundry care, eventually our gear gets so beat up, it’s sent into early retirement. Nobody wants to have to replace their expensive activewear that often. And you shouldn’t have to. 

HEX detergent works hard on it’s own, but add HEX Performance Stain & Stink Remover and you have a duo that makes odor and stains curl up in fear. 



Activewear & Skin Care

Have you ever seen a pool of electric blue, eye-wateringly fragrant, thick sludgy liquid and immediately wanted to rub it on your skin? We didn't think so. Most detergent brands add unnecessary chemicals and dyes which can cause skin irritation. So when you soak your activewear in this chemical bath and head to your workout, things can get...uncomfortable. 

HEX knows you don’t need these additives to get clean and comfortable results. Hence our Fragrance Free Detergent , Fabric Conditioner, and Wet Dryer Sheets. This means the only thing touching your skin during your next run is fabric, not some mystery detergent leftovers. 


Clean & Green

Popular detergents not only negatively impact the health of your activewear, but they negatively impact the health of our environment. Most fillers, thickeners, and heavy metals used in traditional detergents don’t break down. That means they enter the water stream and stay there. HEX Performance is biodegradable and planet friendly. It’s safe for you and for the planet. And of course our containers are 100% recyclable. 

Clean laundry and a clean planet should go hand-in-hand. It’s important to us that we never use anything that can hurt our bodies, our gear, or our planet.



Let’s Get Started

Check out the HEX laundry regimen! You invest a lot in your activewear, it’s time you invest in a detergent that cares for your performance wear as much as you do. All HEX products are specifically formulated to give you the edge you need when it comes to keeping your gear flexible, breathable, and stronger, longer.

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