Top 5 Reasons to Use Performance Detergent for your Activewear

Ever notice it seems like your favorite athletic gear never gets completely clean? Whether it’s those seemingly permanent yellowed pit stains or the dreaded funk older gear seems to carry around, regular detergents just aren’t cutting it these days with performance fabrics. It’s time to take a deep dive into what special care your activewear needs and why basic detergents come up short.

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1. Microfiber, Big Problems

All the performance fabrics used in your activewear are great for comfort and breathability, but there’s a tradeoff. Modern synthetic threads are made up of plastic, non-porous fibers and are so small and tightly woven that regular detergents aren’t designed to penetrate and clean the knit. It’s like using wood cleaner on glass – it’s just the wrong tool for the job. Most detergents are also full of thickeners that clog up the tight weave of athletic apparel, leave residue behind, and damage gear performance down the line. 

The best detergents for athletic wear are cleaners like HEX that are designed specifically for these high-performance fabrics and knits. HEX doesn’t have any thickeners, so it can coat individual fibers and deliver the specially engineered HEX molecule straight into the nooks and crannies of tight-knit gear, wash out residue, and eliminate odor-causing bacteria in all of their hiding places. HEX also creates a protective barrier on these threads to prevent the buildup of bacteria and gunk in the future, preserving the stretch and strength of your gear’s fiber for longer.

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2. Clean Up, Don't Cover Up

Studies have shown that odor-causing bacteria are living their best lives on the new synthetic fabrics your gear is made from, reproducing more easily than usual and increasing the stink factor significantly on your activewear. On top of that, bacteria often aren’t removed by regular detergents. Typically, those bacteria are just getting a nice spritzing of heavy perfumes each time they’re placed in the wash, but are otherwise happily staying put and building up the funk in your activewear. 

HEX's specialized detergents for workout clothes wipe out these bacteria instead of just perfuming them. How does this work? Well, getting nerdy for a second, sweat and bacteria actually have a negative charge; so our HEX molecule has ... you guessed it, a positive charge! Opposites attract, and this allows our odor-fighting detergent to pull all these little critters and debris out of your fabrics in the wash.

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3. The Grass is Always Greener ... On Your Shorts

Exercise can be hard on our activewear. We’re all familiar with those infamous yellow sweat stains from exercising, ground-in grass streaks from field sports, and even blood stains from the scrapes we get during a game. With most detergents, we just accept that we have to throw things into the wash and hope for the best, but eventually our gear will get so stained we have to retire it.

Not true with performance detergents like HEX! HEX is made specifically for exercise gear, designed to penetrate deep into synthetic fabrics and drag out the stubborn debris that get ground into the fiber and knit in your clothes. When all else fails, HEX even has stain remover specially formulated for the more hardcore stains you only get through exercise.

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4. Activewear & Skin Care

Have you ever seen a pool of electric blue, eye-wateringly fragrant, thick sludgy liquid and immediately wanted to rub it on your skin? No? We didn't think so. Most detergents add unnecessary chemicals, dyes, and thickeners to make their brand more recognizable or interesting, but those additives don't really help and can actually be a skin irritant for many people. So when you soak your clothes in this chemical bath and exercise all day in them, things can get... uncomfortable.

HEX is all about efficiency and results instead of flashy gimmicks, so there’s no unnecessary additives, dyes, thickeners, or who-even-knows-what getting mixed in with your favorite pair of shorts. This means the only thing touching your skin during your next run is fabric instead of some mystery leftovers.

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5. Fresh, Clean, & Green

It’s a lot harder to exercise if you can’t step out into our great green world, and a lot of popular cleaners are full of some pretty iffy stuff that have negative consequences for our planet. The fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, heavy metals and more that many brands use are never meant to break down and can create problems when they wash down the drain and into the wider world.

That’s why HEX doesn’t use any unnecessary chemicals or additives. It’s important to us to never use anything that can hurt our bodies, our gear, or our planet so that future generations can enjoy going outside and being as active as we are. And when you’re all done with your HEX, our bottle is even recyclable!

Next Step?

Check out the HEX laundry regimen! You invest a lot in your activewear, so go the extra step and make sure you’re caring for it with a detergent designed to keep things game-day ready. All HEX products are specifically formulated to give you the edge you need when it comes to keeping your gear flexible, breathable, and stronger, longer.

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