How To Wash Yoga Clothes

Wonder why your yoga clothes stink? Here's how to wash yoga clothes and gear, to get seriously clean.

New, technical fabrics (like Lululemon, Under Armour, Athleta) means a whole new type of laundry. With new fabrics, comes new rules. “Do not bleach, wash in cold water, do not use fabric softeners.” With all of these restrictions on the clothing tag, how can you actually wash yoga clothes? HEX has some advice for cleaning workout clothes.

How to wash + maintain yoga clothes

HEX - do's and don't for washing activewear

Ditch blue detergent

There’s no good reason why their laundry detergent is blue and gooey. Stop coating your clothes with dyes, brighteners, softeners, and fragrance. That stuff messes with the performance properties of your technical apparel and doesn’t clean your laundry.

Skip the fabric softener

Why does cleaning expert Jolie Kerr call fabric softeners “the real villain”? Fabric softeners and dryer sheets trap up the sweat wicking features of your yoga clothes.

How to wash yoga clothes

Wash yoga clothes with HEX

HEX Performance is designed to clean, protect, and restore today’s laundry and gear. Detergent inspired by activewear, and designed for all laundry. HEX cleans your yoga clothes like no other, while protecting their technical properties.

Use just an ounce

While others are calling for more and more detergent, HEX keeps it simple. One ounce for a regular load is all you need to wash yoga clothes and everything else in the laundry room.

How to clean a yoga mat

how to wash yoga gear

A step further than clean

When you use HEX products, you are protecting your fabrics and gear with a unique, eco-friendly, bonded barrier against odor and sweat. HEX is the only laundry system that provides long lasting odor protection, that actually works, and keeps working!

The best laundry detergent for activewear

Your clothes breathe, wick, and stretch with your body. Unfortunately, these properties seem to fade over time, and your favorite pieces need to be replaced. Turns out, fabrics have changed, but laundry detergents haven’t changed in decades.

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