How Do I Clean Yoga Clothes?

3 Tips For Cleaning & Maintaining Your Favorite Yoga Activewear

New, technical fabrics (from brands like Lululemon, Under Armour, Athleta) mean a whole new type of laundry and new rules. With new fabrics, comes new rules. “Do not bleach, wash in cold water, do not use fabric softeners.” With all of these restrictions on the clothing tag, how can you actually wash yoga clothes? Don’t worry, HEX has your back:

blue detergent

1. Ditch The Blue Goo

We’ve all been there. Your gear is a little fragrant after that last hot yoga session, so you grab your detergent jug, toss things in the washer, and pour in… radioactive colored goo. Here’s the catch, there’s no good reason why their laundry detergent is like thisStop coating your clothes with dyes, brighteners, thickeners, and fragrance. That stuff gums up the performance knit of your technical apparel and doesn’t actually clean your laundry. HEX Detergent doesn’t come with any of those nasty additives and is designed to remove all that old buildup, clean knit, protect fibers, and restore today’s modern fabrics. Also, while others are calling for more and more detergent, HEX goes for quality over quantity. One ounce for a regular load is all you need to truly clean your load of yoga clothes.

fabric conditioner

2. Skip The Standard Softener

We all want our yoga pants to have that day-one softness, so why does cleaning expert Jolie Kerr call fabric softeners “the real villain”? Standard fabric softeners and conventional dryer sheets coat your clothing in a waxy substance that clogs knit, damaging the sweat wicking features of your yoga gear and making clothes rub against us in coarse unpleasant ways. Many care tags on activewear just throw up their hands and say not to mess with any of those laundry cleaners because they just can’t work with today’s modern fabrics. But those care tags never met HEX. HEX’s Wet Dryer Sheets deliver the HEX formula… you guessed it… wet, so it can truly penetrate individual fibers and protect them instead of sealing them under a layer of dry gunk. Prefer to air dry your gear? No worries! HEX’s Fabric Conditioner accomplishes the same goal as dryer sheets: it penetrates knit like water and protects your gear’s flex and fit.

yoga mat

3. Mist Your Mat

After your last yoga class, did you look at your sweaty mat and think, “How the heck do I clean this thing?” First off, keep in mind most sprays and deodorizers have chemicals that can actually break down the materials in your yoga mat and cause brittleness and damage. However, HEX Deodorizing Spray is specially formulated to eliminate the odor causing bacteria clinging to your mat’s surface, but never harm the mat’s performance material.

A step further than clean

Your yoga gear breathes, wicks, and stretches with your body. These properties seem to fade over time in your favorite pieces, but it turns out much of this damage is caused by traditional laundry products. When you use HEX, you are protecting your fabrics and gear with a unique, eco-friendly, bonded barrier against odor and sweat. HEX is the only laundry system that provides long lasting odor elimination and protects your gear!

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