Why Is Their Laundry Detergent Blue?

Why is laundry detergent thick and blue? Get ready to rethink what you’re putting in your clothing.

The next time you fill up that sticky plastic detergent cup to where you can only guess is ‘line 2’ with a brightly colored substance reminiscent of a blueberry pie filling, take a second to ask, “why is laundry detergent blue anyway?”

blue laundry detergent

Laundry detergents haven’t changed in decades

Most detergents were made for yesterday’s fabrics and lifestyles. These laundry detergents use bluing agents and optical brighteners to make white fabrics appear whiter. But is that truly clean? Not really. (Especially when they leave blue stains, forcing you to re-wash.)

Traditional detergents make you think your clothes are clean. They don’t address the real issue: bacterial odor that builds up in fabrics.

Optical brighteners are used in regular detergents to make your whites look whiter, without actually cleaning.

Why is their laundry detergent gooey?

what’s in your laundry detergent?
The stuff in your laundry cleaning product should all be there to make your clothes cleaner, right?

Turns out, there’s extra goop clogging up most detergents. It’s not that we all love to wait for the detergent to slowly drip out of the cup. The thickness of most detergents is due to the dyes and fillers they use that don’t really make your clothes any cleaner.

With HEX, the difference is clear.

A new, free + clear detergent that pours like water. How simple is that? HEX Performance uses a different method that cleans better than traditional detergents, without all the extra dyes, fillers, heavy perfumes, and optical brighteners.

HEX removes and prevents sweat, stains, grime, and bacterial stink from all of today’s fabrics.

Laundry detergent pouring comparison- HEX Performance

HEX is clear and pours like water, because that’s how clean should be.

Trade the blue goop for Free + Clear

HEX Single Dose Detergent- Free + Clear

Cleaner clothes, cleaner conscience

We ditched the laundry detergent traditions to reimagine a modern clean. That means powerful cleaning that’s still green. No more choosing between clean clothes and the environment.

A formula that performs

Everything in our detergent is there for a reason– to clean your laundry. In recent testing, HEX outperformed leading brands in removing odor and soil from clothing.

The results are clear: HEX beats traditional gooey blue detergents.

Try HEX in your home and see what you’re missing!

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