The Best Way To Wash Swimsuits

Hours under the sun, sand, water, and sweat got your summer suit looking and smelling less than fresh. Here’s the best way to wash swimsuits.

We’re diving in to wash the clothing MVP of the summer: bathing suits. Your swimwear takes the harshest conditions all summer long, and yet we just rinse them out and call them clean. Wonder why your beach bag stinks? It’s your swimsuits.

The best laundry detergent for swimsuits

HEX Detergent for swimsuits

HEX Performance Detergent

The trick to getting the best clean for your swimwear is using the best detergent for swimwear. Bathing suits use modern synthetic fabrics: nylon and spandex (in all the colors under the sun). The brand Triangl even uses neoprene, giving their bikinis the durability of wetsuits! Especially in this season’s sporty swimwear trend, synthetic activewear fabrics are important in quality swimsuits.

That means you should use detergent for synthetic activewear fabrics. HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent is inspired by activewear, and designed for all laundry.

protect swimsuits fabric

Why You Should Always Wash New Swimsuits Before You Wear Them

Your swimsuit was tried on by dozens of people in the store before you, so you’ll want to pre-wash your swimsuit.

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How to wash swimsuits by hand

how to hand wash workout clothes

If the tag says not to machine wash, or if you want to play it safe, HEX is perfect for hand washing swimsuits. Get all the sand and salt out, and prolong the life of your swimwear with these easy steps:

  1. Fill a sink, basin, or bucket with cool water
  2. Add approximately a teaspoon of HEX Performance Advanced Laundry Detergent
  3. Soak your delicate swimsuits for at least 5 minutes and scrub thoroughly. Focus on any discolored parts of the suit (agitation is key in cleaning!)
  4. Repeat with HEX Performance In-Rinse Fabric Booster for added protection and benefits.
How to wash swimsuits
how to wash swimsuits

How to wash swimsuits in a washing machine

If the tag on your swimwear says ‘machine wash,’ let the machine and HEX do the work! Whether you prefer liquid laundry detergent or single dose detergent, HEX will get your swimwear the best clean. It’s easy:

  1. Follow your swimsuit manufacturer’s instructions. If the tag says to hand wash,
  2. Toss your bathing suits in the washing machine. Feel free to include other types of clothing to make a medium size load
  3. Adjust settings on the machine to cold water and a delicate cycle.
  4. Press start!
Best way to wash swimsuits with a washing machine and HEX

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