Autumn Refresh

Fall is officially here, people. Time to break out those cute vests, hoodies and sepia-toned leggings. But first, don't you think some "Fall Cleaning" is in order? Your autumn fashions have been hibernating in the closet for a bit after all and you didn't spend a fortune last year just to throw them away a year later. 

That's where we come in. HEX Performance is the only laundry brand designed to clean modern fabrics. We know what you’re saying… “wait, but what exactly is a “modern fabric”? Good question - modern fabrics are considered anything utilizing a blend of synthetic fibers… you know those lululemon leggings you love? They’re 86% nylon and 14% lycra, not 100% cotton.

And almost everything today is made from modern fabric - including towels, work clothes, yoga pants... even baby clothes. In fact, 60% of all laundry loads contain items made with synthetic fabrics (see modern fabrics). Yup, just like the season, fabric has also changed, which means the way you clean needs to change too.

Check out these steps to get your Fall off to the right start, and let us help you Clean Up Your Activewear™… and everything else.

How to properly clean & protect your activewear & workout gear:

Use HEX Laundry Detergent!This is the most important part. Why HEX? Because regular detergents only hide sweat smells under fragrance and coat the synthetic fabrics, making the problem worse.

Other Pro tips: 

  • Always check your gear's washing instructions on the clothing care tag. Some delicate items should be hand washed. 
  • Turn your clothes inside-out: What you are tryign to wash out is pretty much all on the inside, not the outside. 
  • Add all activewear pants, sports bras, tops – all workout clothes-- to the machine. Do not wash with towels or jeans- combining these with your activewear can damage your clothes.
  • Follow HEX instructions (just because it pours like water does not mean you should add extra detergent) Your washing machine has a standard laundry cycle that can only handle a certain amount of detergent and using too much can trap bacteria. Two capfuls is perfect!
  • Stay cool. Most activewear clothing recommends in cold water. 
  • Never use traditional fabric softeners or dryer sheets. 
  • Avoid bleach

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