How Do I Store Seasonal Clothes?

4 Tips For Your Season Switch Out

Fall is officially here! Time to break out those warm vests, hoodies and pumpkin-colored leggings. But as you unpack, are you noticing your clothes are coming out stinky or even stained? How do you store last season’s gear without it getting musty under the bed? Don’t worry, HEX has your back:


stained t-shirt

1. Seasonal Stains

Wash your clothes before storing them! If you don’t, there can be leftover residue, oils, and debris that not only attract bugs, but can also “set” and stain over time. This means you can put clean-looking activewear away at the beginning of a season and take out stained clothes later.


packing activewear into a suitcase for winter storage

2. Paper or Plastic... Or Suitcase?

Storing your gear in cardboard boxes can be good for ventilation, but bad for bugs. Storing activewear in plastic bins is great for protection, but bad for moisture and light control. What’s the solution? Many people actually use suitcases for storage due to their ventilation, light protection, and bug-stopping power.


suitcase storing clothes under a bed to prevent damage and bugs

3. CDs?

Why are we talking about CDs? Just remember: Clean & Dark, Cool & Dry. Only store your workout clothes places where they won't go through big temperature swings or get exposed to a lot of light, debris, or moisture. Nobody wants to pull clothes out at the beginning of the season to find them faded, mildewed, and full of bugs.


hex detergent sitting on athletic clothes

4. HEX It Up!

We know this goes without saying, but use HEX on modern fabrics before packing them away! Regular detergents hide bacteria and smells under fragrance and coatings. But halfway through the season, after the fragrance breaks down, your clothes still stink. This leaves all of your gear hiding a dirty secret you’ll discover in a few months…


It’s Time for a Change

Just like the season, fabric has changed, which means it's time for your laundry routine to change too. HEX Performance is designed to truly clean modern fabrics. Modern synthetic fabrics are in anything from your favorite leggings to work clothes, hoodies, yoga pants, socks, towels, baby clothes, the list goes on. So before you pack away any clothes for the season, knock out the stink and stains with HEX!

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