How Do I Wash & Protect Leggings?

5 Tips to keep your leggings fresh, flexible, and fitting like new

Let's be honest: these days, we're wearing leggings everywhere - out on a jog, while running errands, at work, and even for a night out. Leggings have become the workhorse of your closet, and we know you don’t want to have to replace them every few months due to pilling, wear, or odor. With the average pair of Lululemon leggings ringing in above $100, it’s no wonder people are worried about how to wash and protect these activewear staples. To help preserve the world’s leggings, our HEXperts dug into some of the most common mistakes we see and how the HEX laundry regimen can keep your leggings performing for a long, long time.


clothing with snag

1. Snag Attack

When you wash your athletic leggings and athleisure wear, make sure they’re not mixed in with other items that are doing damage in the wash. Items with zippers, velcro, and other hard snagging objects can really do a number on leggings and other activewear.



2. Keep your Cool

Most synthetic fabrics, especially those in your ultra stretchy leggings, need to be washed with cold water. Washing them consistently in hot water can hurt the performance and durability of leggings and athletic clothes over time.


fabric pilling

3. Tough Pill to Swallow

Some natural fibers like cotton and wool can actually pill up on your leggings and other workout clothes in the wash, leaving little fluff balls embedded in the tight knit. Wash natural fluffy fabrics separately from your leggings.


hex activewear detergent for cleaning leggings

4. Detergent Decisions

Traditional detergents were created to clean natural fibers like cotton, but synthetic fabrics have a whole new set of rules. Leggings have extremely fine and tightly-woven knit to give you that perfect flex, fit, and sweat-wicking, but traditional detergents clog up this knit and never truly clean fibers out. HEX Detergent is designed to penetrate tight-knit fibers and remove ground-in grime and even the residue from other detergents!


dryer sheets

5. Soften Up

Traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets are a big no-no for washing leggings and activewear because they can leave a coating on clothes that damage performance. That’s why HEX designed our Fabric Conditioner and Wet Dryer Sheets to truly clean, soften, and protect your leggings and other gear without leaving any damaging residue behind.

Make Your Leggings Last Longer!

The HEX Molecule truly cleans and protects your performance leggings and activewear! Your Lululemon, Fabletics, or Nike shopping spree can be a long term investment if you use the right tools to keep those performance clothes in shape. Clean out the sweat, stink, and grime and protect your leggings for all the workouts to come with HEX!

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