How Do I Wash & Protect Leggings?

Top 5 Laundry Tips to Keep Your Leggings in Top Shape

Let's be honest: these days, we're wearing leggings everywhere - out on a jog, running errands, for work, for play, you name it – leggings have become the workhorse of your closet. And, the average pair of Lululemon leggings ring in at more than $100, so of course you want them to last. Our HEXperts dug into some of the most common laundry mistakes that cause pilling, loss of stress, loss of color and overall early wear for your leggings and all of your activewear. Here’s how HEX laundry regimen can help you keep your Lulus longer. 


Detergent Decisions

Fabrics have changed, but your detergent hasn’t. Your clothes are not made from only cotton and wool anymore. New high-performance, synthetic fabrics have revolutionized clothing, creating an entirely new set of rules for cleaning. To keep that great flex, fit and sweat wickability that caught your eye in the first place, you need a detergent that can clean very tightly knit fabric. But traditional detergents are made with fillers that clog these fabrics and leave behind a residue that bacteria loves to hide in. 

Bacteria stinks, but activewear shouldn’t. Fragrances can temporarily cover up odors from bacteria but they don’t remove it. That’s why you think your clothes smell good out of the laundry but 10 minutes into your workout, you think you smell. 

It’s not you, it’s your detergent. Use HEX Detergent is specifically designed to penetrate and deep clean tight-knit fibers removing dirt, grime, sink, and previous residue from detergents. HEX cleans, protects and prolongs the life of your activewear. 


Calm, Cool, and Protected

Synthetic fabrics in your activewear and leggings should be washed with cold water. Trust us, it’s important. Washing them consistently in hot water can damage their performance and the durability of your activewear, hurting both your leggings & your pocket book. 


A Soft Touch

Traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets are a HUGE no-no when washing your activewear. They work by leaving a wax coating on the fabric that damages the flexible sweat-wicking abilities you specifically bought your leggings for. Instead, use HEX Fabric Conditioner and Wet Dryer Sheets which are designed to clean, soften, and protect your leggings without leaving gross residue behind. HEX Performance is dryer safe for all of your washables, especially activewear. 


Snags are a Drag

When it comes to washing your leggings avoid mixing in additional clothing items. Although the convenience of a large load may sound appealing, snags in your leggings are not. Zippers, velcro, and other snagging objects can be the demise of your precious leggings. Separation is key. 


Not-So-Chill Pill

Here’s where you used to pull out the lint roller hoping that the pilling stuck on your leggings somehow comes off. Natural fibers like cotton and wool are the main culprits for this pilling. When washing your activewear, fluffy fabrics should always be left out. By washing your activewear separately and using the HEX regimen, those fuzz balls embedded in your legging’s tight-knit fabric will be only a distant memory.

Make Your Leggings Last Longer!

Don’t just take it from us, hear what Self Magazine has to say about keeping their gear clean. The HEX Molecule cleans and protects your performance leggings and activewear! With leggings quickly becoming an essential in every closet. With a HEX Detergent, Fabric Conditioner, and Wet Dryer Sheet regimine you will clean out the sweat, stink, and grime, protecting your leggings for all the workouts and night outs to come. 


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