Clean & Green: 7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Day

Looking to make a difference? You can introduce these eco-friendly laundry tips into your routines today.

7 tips for an eco-friendly laundry day

Around Earth Day, we are all thinking about ways we can make changes in our daily habits to show some TLC to Mother Earth. One area that is ripe for improvement? Your laundry routine! There are so many ways that we can save energy and reduce chemicals just by making some minor changes to our laundry day. Here are seven tips for crafting greener laundry habits.

Wash fewer loads

How often do you do laundry? Probably often. Most people wash their laundry when they need a specific article of clothing. Chances are, you are washing loads of laundry that are not full. By waiting to wash until you have filled a load completely, you can save on energy, water and ultimately save on time too. It can be helpful to set a laundry day and ensure you are putting in full loads. Maybe that means that you need to wait to wash specific things until the next week, but the environment will thank you.

Use cold water

It’s a big laundry myth that you need to use hot or warm water to wash all of your clothes. There are certain heavy duty items that you may need to clean with some extra oomph but more often than not, you can get away with using cold water in your loads.

If you do have items that need to be washed with warm or hot water, save them until you have a full load, that way you are using the hot water only when necessary.

Take advantage of the sun

Your dryer eats up a lot of energy and is sometimes unnecessary. Why? The sun! Taking advantage of the sun’s warmth to dry your clothes in the spring and summer is a great way to give the environment a break from the power-hungry dryer. Don’t have a clothesline? That’s ok – you can make one. String a line between the house and the playhouse. Or for apartment living, try this $32 drying rack– it holds an entire load of laundry!

Wash some items less

While workout clothes should be washed after every workout, not all clothes become dirty after just one wear. Sweaters, jeans, and pajamas are just a few examples of items that you could stand to wash less.

Another tip is to keep different piles for clothes that were worn all day and one for clothes that were only worn for a few hours. Just got back from a trip? Refrain from throwing everything in your suitcase into the laundry basket and put the clean, unworn items back into your dresser.

Use a fabric freshening spray in between washes

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If you’re trying to wash some items (like jackets, jeans, or sleepwear) less often, then you might need a refresher between washes. HEX Anti-Stink Spray is like dry shampoo for your clothes!

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When life gives you lemons, do the laundry!

Did you get some ugly stains on your crisp white shirt? A natural way to remove such a stain is using lemons. Soak the shirt in some water and lemon juice and then wash normally. Not only will you remove the stain but you will also give it a great scent.

Need something stronger that’s still biodegradable and eco-friendly? Pick up HEX Stain Remover.

Use detergent that loves the Earth, too!

HEX Performance Detergent | $9.99

Did you know that you can make a difference in the environment just by using a different detergent? Choose one that makes it a point to love the Earth. Choose HEX. Our detergent contains zero dyes and perfumes, as well as boasting a biodegradable formula and recyclable packaging.

We care about the environment and we channel all of that energy into our products. We’re sure that you will notice the difference, just like Mother Earth does!

Clean & Green

Get HEX: Effective Essentials for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Day

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