What’s the Deal When It Comes to Washing Your Sports Bras?

Your sports bras do so much for you. They're put to the test every workout, stretching, supporting, and soaking up your hard earned sweat. Add a few workouts between washes and odors and stains start to sink deep into the fabric. Not cute. Here’s the deal when it comes to washing your trusty sports bras.  
It may be hard to believe, but it’s best to wash your sports bras after every hard workout. Don’t believe us? The proof is in the performance. By using the proper care and detergent you can double the lifespan of your sports bras and keep them performing like they should.

HEX Performance is the key to it all. HEX Performance Detergents are specifically designed to penetrate tight-knit synthetic fibers to clean, deodorize and protect your high-performing sports bras. Regular detergents full of dyes and fragrances only cover up the dirt, grime, and odors trapped in the fabric. You may think you're wearing a fresh sports bra for a workout, but it’s actually just as dirty as before.
HEX Detergent paired with HEX Fabric Softener and Wet Dryer Sheets is a trio your sports bras will thank you for. Traditional softeners and dryer sheets can’t keep up with the times and still rely on outdated formulas that focus on coating fabrics in waxy substances to “soften” your clothes. For good reason, HEX is different. HEX Fabric Conditioners and Wet Dryer Sheets don’t coat fabrics, but rather penetrate deep to soften and protect the synthetic fibers you rely on for the breathability, wickability, and stretch your sports bras give you. 
By using the HEX regimen you’re treating your sports bras with the care they deserve. In return, you’ll be wearing your trusty sports bras for a long, long time.



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