How To Clean A Duffle Bag

Traveling puts wear and tear on a nice weekender bag. Here’s how to clean a duffle bag.

Afraid to experiment with washing your bag? Good news: we did the experimenting for you, and you can easily wash your bag, with or without a washing machine! Here’s how HEX does it.

Do you need to clean your duffle bag? YES

You’re putting clean clothes into the bag, right? And you want those clothes to be clean when you wear them? Then it’s time learn how to clean a duffle bag the right way. Using the wrong soap or detergent adds to a layer of grime called biofilm on your bag.

Speaking of those “clean” clothes, they aren’t actually as clean as you think. That same biofilm is found on all kinds of laundry, and their blue laundry detergents don’t really clean it.

First, check the fabric.

Can your duffle bag be machine washed?

Can you machine wash a duffel bag

Luggage is built tough to protect your stuff while you travel. So yes, a duffle bag is usually tough enough to go in a washing machine! Modern machines with settings for waterproof materials are especially helpful for weatherproofed baggage. So let’s break it down for you:


How to clean a duffle bag

Of course, HEX recommends you always first follow the manufacturer’s product care instructions, to be safe. But when the brand doesn’t provide product care information, you’ve got to figure out how to clean a duffle bag. Luckily for you, HEX is here to help (and we’ve done the experimenting already!)

Using HEX on a new bag will protect the fabric from stains and stink while traveling.

How to wash - What you needhow to wash a duffle bag - HEXWashing Machine

What you need: HEX Performance Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash and a washing machine. A scrub brush can also be used with HEX to pre-treat any stains.


step 1 how to clean a duffle bag
CLEAN: Use HEX Step 1 to deep clean dirt marks, and clear out the grime on your bag. Using the ounce marks on the side of the bottle to measure, pour in 3 oz of the Step 1 liquid. Pour Step 1 into the receptacle where you normally pour your laundry detergent. Hot or warm water will get a better clean, so use water as warm as the fabric will allow.

step 2 how to clean a duffle bagPROTECT: Use HEX Step 2 to prevent future stains. Using the ounce marks on the side of the bottle to measure, pour in 3 oz of the Step 2 liquid. This will go into the ‘fabric softener’ receptacle in your washing machine. Toss the bag into the drum of the machine. Start a cool water, delicate cycle, and relax!

How to clean a duffle bag without a machine

wash duffle bag with hex

How to hand wash a duffle bag

If you err on the side of caution and want to avoid machine washing your duffle, HEX Performance Ultra+ Dual Action Gear Wash can be used for hand washing and spot cleaning as well. Find a sink or large bucket of water, a scrub brush, and some elbow grease. We prefer to let the machine and HEX do the work. Of course, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well.

How to clean a duffle bag while traveling

Stash a bottle of HEX Spray & Go in your bag to clean, deodorize, and protect your bag, shoes, and any other fabrics that aren’t quite fresh.

Try HEX to live clean while traveling

HEX Performance was created by pro athlete Drew Westervelt. The idea sparked while he was traveling cross country, storing sweaty, dirty gear in his bags and car. If HEX works for that level of odor and dirt, it’ll work for you! But don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself! HEX Gear Wash can be purchased online here, through Amazon, and through

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