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How To Get Grass Stains Out Of Clothes

Spring has sprung, and so have the stains. Here’s how to get those pesky grass stains out.

grass stains on white cloth and light denim

How To Remove Grass Stains From Clothes

We know the rule for no white pants after Labor Day, but is there a rule for no white clothes when grass is around?

get grass stains out with HEX

Step 1: Pre-Treat

  1. Apply Stain Remover to the stained area with a small amount of water.
  2. Using an old toothbrush, work the solution into the stain.
  3. Let the solution sit for about 5-30 minutes, depending on the level of stain.
  4. Wash like normal with HEX Performance Laundry Detergent.
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HEX detergent clean grass-stains

Step 2: Wash with HEX

This advanced laundry detergent uses the latest in cleaning technology. It’ll wash away built up grime and stink, while also helping to protect the fabric from future stink and stains.

  1. Wash according to the fabric care tag directions, with HEX Performance Laundry Detergent.
  2. Air dry or tumble dry, according to the shirt’s care instructions.
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The Perfect Stain Remover for Activewear

Yoga in the park? In your favorite ($$$) leggings? Absolutely!

The entire HEX laundry system was built for modern fabrics. Until now, there hasn’t been a solution to clean technical fabrics like those in leggings and activewear. The advanced detergents remove grime deep within the fabrics and even protect them against future stink and stains.

stain remover for workout clothes

HEX products were built for modern, technical fabrics

wash new clothes to protect fabric

Protect Fabrics with the HEX Molecule

The HEX formula is unique, in that it works in two parts. While wet, HEX cleans. But the job isn’t done there. HEX continues to work to protect fabrics while you’re wearing them, keeping clothes in top shape. Use HEX products consistently on all laundry to help prevent future stink and stains from building up in fabrics.

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