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The Best Eco-Friendly Leggings & The Laundry Product Built To Clean Them All

HEX earth dayEarth Day is almost here! Celebrate it with a perfect pair: these eco-friendly leggings made from plastic bottles, and the eco-friendly detergent that makes your leggings last longer.
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Earth Day: the day of the year that we set aside to actively appreciate and care for Mother Nature. In 2019 already, there have been loads of initiatives that are being championed such as fewer straws and buying in bulk to minimize the use of plastic packaging.

The workout industry is also making waves in conservation by finding sustainable and eco-friendly ways to make comfortable workout clothes, specifically leggings. Legging fabric is evolving into more than just breathable and moisture-wicking fabric; it is becoming a major way to support our environment. Here are five brands where you can find eco-friendly leggings to add to your collection.

4 Eco-Friendly Leggings Brands

(Plus, how to make leggings last longer)

benefits of sweat for the body
girlfriend collective sustainable activewear

This brand was one of the first to make waves in the legging industry by introducing ethically made and sustainably sourced workout clothing. The first notable difference? Each pair of leggings is made from 25 recycled bottles. Additionally, Girlfriend ensures that their leggings are made in factories that promote healthy working conditions and provide livable wages to their employees. Their leggings are also very comfortable, made with strong materials and flattering seams.

find them at nordstrom
teeki activewear

The workout clothing brand teeki is another great sustainably-sourced and environmentally friendly brand that makes wonderful leggings. Made in Los Angeles, teeki’s mission is to provide athleisure wear that is made with recycled polyester, organic cotton, and sustainably sourced ink. Their leggings are made with the yogi lifestyle in mind. Teeki also encourages all of their customers to do their part to help our environment.

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Niyama Sol activewear

This brand makes some of the most colorful leggings we have ever seen and we are living for it! NiyamaSOL also makes their leggings with recycled plastic bottles and look like pieces of art! They are committed to giving back to their communities and love getting involved with local charities. One line of their leggings allows you to donate 10% of the cost to a charity of your choice.

about niyamasol
yogacycled eco-friendly leggings

Started by two sisters, Yogacycled’s mission is in its name: to provide comfortable yoga leggings made from recycled material. Their goal is to help to decrease the strain in landfills and in oceans by using commonly discarded items like plastic bottles. Plus, the beautiful leggings are hand-designed and super comfortable to wear.

see the leggings
wash athleisure clothing
Whatever leggings you wear, wash them with HEX.

Do you own any leggings that were made from recycled materials? Well, you should make sure that you are taking care of this fabric with the right laundry detergent! HEX’s eco-friendly laundry detergent is made to clean your modern fabrics and protect them. Choose HEX for your prized leggings and make sustainable choices on this Earth Day!

How To Care For Leggings

Now your favorite workout clothes can last longer

HEX Detergent cleans and protects.

When you spend so much time shopping for the perfect pair of leggings, and shell out for quality and style, it’s frustrating that they don’t last for years the way a good pair of jeans do. At HEX, we’ve discovered that the fabric isn’t the issue. It’s how we clean these new fabrics. So switch to HEX laundry detergent. It’s the only detergent with a proprietary formula designed to deep clean and protect workout clothes and all laundry.

Sweat. HEX. Repeat.

For an active lifestyle spent in technical fabrics, you need an advanced detergent. HEX’s biodegradable formula is eco-friendly, vegan, and still fights tough sweat smells in workout clothes! Beyond the wash cycle, the HEX Molecule protects fabrics. It keeps apparel at peak performance while you sweat, ensuring your favorite eco-friendly leggings stay fresh and in top shape.

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