The Washington Post Trusts HEX to De-Stink Workout Clothes

HEX Performance is the only detergent built to deep clean and protect synthetics fabrics. The Washington Post sheds light on an issue that has been covered up with perfume, until now.
The Washington Post

This Is Why Your Workout Clothes Still Smell After Being Washed

In The Washington Post, writer Elizabeth Mayhew investigated the smell that so many people find in workout clothes. As she discovered, “most of us are not working out in clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton that can withstand hot temperatures. Instead, we are wearing clothing made from synthetic fibers that require cold water washing, so the sebum is literally sticking around.”

HEX targets bacterial stink with its proprietary science

Mayhew spoke with HEX Performance Founder, Drew Westervelt, about how fabrics have changed, yet detergents haven’t.

“More than 60 percent of today’s laundry is synthetic or blended fabrics, but traditional detergent was never designed to clean those fabrics — they were always focused on stain removal. But odors from bacteria, mold, and mildew are now the real problem and they can’t be dealt with by simply covering them up with added fragrances.”

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HEX has been the talk of the town, for good reasons. With a unique formula that cleans effectively yet gently, HEX is a life-saver for all kinds of laundry doers. Ditch those old laundry mistakes, and start taking care of your synthetic fabrics with the only detergent built to clean them.

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