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The Best Hot Yoga Mats & Gear For Bikram Class

Hot yoga practices employ high temperatures, making the clothes and gear you use especially important for staying comfortable and achieving certain poses. If you want to practice Bikram yoga while avoiding some of the challenges of sweat, we’ve got you covered.
hot yoga class temperature 105 degrees

The Best Hot Yoga Mats & Gear

Upon walking into a 105 degree room, you’ll know there’s no way to avoid sweating in hot yoga. And because sweat is so good for you, embrace it! But without the right hot yoga mats & gear, things can get sticky, slippery, and smelly. Beyond dressing the part, some special gear for hot yoga can make your class much more pleasant.

The Right Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga

Gaiam | $70

There are tons of great yoga mats out there. So which one should you get? For hot yoga, you want something that won’t turn into a slip n’ slide as you sweat. This Gaiam mat gets grippier when damp so your hands stay firmly planted.

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A Yoga Mat Towel for When Things Get Sweaty

Yogitoes | $

Towels, like this one from Yogitoes, also help keep slippery, sweaty hands steady. An added benefit, yoga towels can be machine washed! Maintaining proper care of yoga gear helps protect you from bacteria and ensures your gear will last longer.

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Yoga Mat and Gear Cleaner

HEX Performance Anti-Stink Spray | $10

Investing in a brand new yoga mat is a waste if you don’t have the proper cleaning tools.

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Something to keep hair out of your face

Headbands | $15

Any athlete with medium or long hair can relate to the frustration of keeping hair in place and out of your eyes. Since your headband will likely get sweaty too, keep a few washable ones on rotation. You’ll also want to look for a good yoga headband that won’t slip right off your head.

Grippy socks to help plant your feet

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks | prices vary

You can often choose to go barefoot or wear socks to classes like yoga, pilates, and barre. Sporting a pair of special socks with grip can help you nail tougher poses. Especially if you’re trying a new type of hot yoga class that brings HIIT into the picture.

Stay Fresh in Any Pose

Get HEX: The Best Detergent for Hot Yoga Gear

HEX completely cleans out caked-in sweat, and even protects fabrics to keep them at peak performance while you sweat. So as you’re choosing the best hot yoga mats & gear, pick up HEX to maintain that gear.

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